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Guest Notebook: Coronavirus crisis may create Baltimore's 'Greatest Generation'

It could be argued we are living in a time of uncertainty that our nation has not experienced since World War II. But those days also produced what has been dubbed “The Greatest Generation,” a tribute to the unprecedented resolve and courage that our nation showed in the face of fear and adversity.

I am proud and humbled to say, we are seeing the same kind of resilience today, right here in Baltimore. And it has given me complete confidence that not only will we beat this crisis, we will be better as a result of the Latest Baltimore Business Daily.

Businesses and residents alike are answering the call in a remarkable expression of solidarity and compassion. Whether it’s face masks or hand sanitizer, manufacturers have voluntarily shifted production to meet the unimaginable needs of the medical community. Restaurants are donating goods to help strained food banks.

People are checking in on each other daily and watching over our elderly neighbors to ensure they stay healthy. Nonprofits are working harder than ever to make sure the most vulnerable among us are not left out in the cold. And then there are the health care heroes risking their own lives to fight for others to beat this pandemic.
The common thread through all of these examples is that no one is asking for a thank you, a handout or repayment. It’s all being done for one reason: It’s the right thing to do.

When we emerge from this and life stabilizes to a new normal, I believe we will also emerge as a changed society — one that is a little kinder, a little more supportive of one another and quite possibly far more united than we were just a month ago. It’s often said that in the face of a crisis, people typically show their true nature. Press Release Distribution Services If that’s accurate, I am beaming with pride for the people of this country and my home state.

We have revealed the best we have to offer one another through our actions and deeds, and in the ways we’ve united in togetherness and responsibility. These are traits inherent in us and ones that I feel will become even more pronounced in the weeks and months ahead, and for years to come.

I am reminded of a great quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” Baltimore’s shining stars are truly revealing themselves today.

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