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National Guard troops deploy in Philly as confrontations continue between police and protesters

Hundreds of National Guard troops rolled into Philadelphia to help restore order Monday, even as new and frightening confrontations erupted between police and protesters on a third straight day of unrest.
Fires burned again, and the city remained under curfew following looting and destruction that overtook peaceful demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Affordable Press Release Network A tired Mayor Jim Kenney declared that Philadelphia is “in the middle of one of the biggest crises in the city’s history,” simultaneously beset by civil unrest, a pandemic, economic devastation, and a primary election.

On Monday evening, thousands of marchers moved onto the Vine Street Expressway, stopping traffic on the city’s major east-west thoroughfare. Some lay in the street.Police fired tear gas into the crowd, Low Cost Press Release Distribution Websites  setting off a blind, chaotic stampede as demonstrators tried to escape, scrambling up walls and steep hills and falling over one another.
“Tear gas! Tear gas!” people shouted as they ran and fell, Affordable Press Release Services   many digging their hands into the dirt to pull themselves forward.

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