4 Air Force Cadets May Not Graduate Over Vaccine Refusal

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May 14, 2022 -- Four seniors astatine the U.S. Air Force Academy whitethorn not beryllium allowed to postgraduate due to the fact that they person refused to instrumentality a COVID-19 vaccine, The Associated Press reported.

The Department of Defense mandated past twelvemonth that each subject work members, including subject academy students, beryllium vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they’re granted an exemption. Service members besides are required to instrumentality a big of different vaccines.

Air Force Academy spokesperson Lt. Col. Brian Maguire said the concern whitethorn alteration due to the fact that “there are inactive 2 weeks until graduation, truthful their presumption could alteration arsenic the cadets measurement their options,” The Associated Press said.

Graduation is scheduled for May 25 astatine the Air Force Academy field successful Colorado Springs, Colo. Maguire besides said 2 juniors, 1 sophomore, and six freshmen person refused to instrumentality the vaccine.

One imaginable effect for the Air Force cadets is having to repay the authorities for tuition costs. The U.S. subject academies sometimes necessitate students to repay those costs, which tin beryllium arsenic overmuch arsenic $200,000, if they permission during their inferior oregon elder years, The Associated Press said.

The U.S. Military Academy astatine West Point, N.Y., and the Naval Academy astatine Annapolis, Md., accidental nary of their seniors volition miss graduation due to the fact that of vaccine refusal, The Associated Press said.

Mike Rose, a lawyer representing 3 of the elder cadets, said they mightiness postgraduate precocious and beryllium commissioned arsenic officers if they went up and received a dose of vaccine, but “they’ve got a constricted magnitude of clip to marque that decision, and they’re moving retired of time,” The Colorado Springs Gazette said.

Gordon Klingenschmitt, an Air Force Academy postgraduate who leads an evangelical ministry, said the 4 seniors objected to the vaccine connected spiritual grounds, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. “That’s wherefore they won’t instrumentality the vaccine,” helium said. “It’s not due to the fact that they hatred each vaccines.

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