A Possibly Trashed Rudy Giuliani Implicates Himself In The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

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At the 9/11 dinner, Rudy Giuliani insulted the Queen of England and past claimed that helium ne'er was with Prince Andrew and underage girls.


Rudy rolled into the 9/11 meal drunk retired of his caput tonight. Here helium is giving his Queen Elisabeth impression, and assuring the assemblage helium was ne'er with a young miss and Prince Andrew. https://t.co/U40YSzS34X


Giuliani did an embarrassing content of Queen Elizabeth portion falsely claiming that helium turned down a knighthood due to the fact that helium would suffer his citizenship.

Giuliani past rambled connected to Prince Andrew, “I ne'er went retired with him! Ever! Never had a portion with him! Never was with a pistillate oregon a young miss with him! Ever ever! One clip I met him successful my office. Remember, Bernie? You were there.” 

We’ve reached the constituent successful Rudy Giuliani’s downfall wherever helium has present publically urinated connected his undeserved 9/11 legacy.

Why would Giuliani bring up Prince Andrew and the Jeffrey Epstein ungraded if helium had thing to bash with it?

It looks Giuliani needs to beryllium sent to situation truthful that helium tin halt drinking and perchance publically implicating himself successful transgression activity.

Rudy Giuliani is intelligibly retired of control, and the much helium keeps talking the much unsafe it becomes for Donald Trump, and each Republican who has ever spent clip astir him.

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