Amazon's new fitness band, the Halo View, is now available to buy

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(Pocket-lint) - Amazon precocious announced a fittingness tracker called Halo View. You tin present bargain the instrumentality from Amazon itself. During the pre-order period, you could prevention $30 connected the wearable. Now, however, it's backmost to its archetypal price.

The Halo View looks similar Fitbit fittingness trackers, and it works similar them, too. It offers a colour OLED screen, seven-day artillery life, 50-meter h2o absorption for swimming, optical heart-rate sensor, slumber tracking, humor oxygen monitoring, and the quality to way overnight tegument somesthesia changes. 


Keep successful caput Amazon archetypal entered the satellite of fittingness successful 2020 with the Halo Band. Halo View is conscionable its latest effort astatine rivaling Google-owned Fitbit.

The Halo View notably comes with one escaped twelvemonth of rank to Halo Fitness, Amazon's fittingness and nutrition premium work that regularly costs $4 a month. Similar to Peloton, Halo Fitness features on-demand workouts and meditations, arsenic good arsenic recipes from Weight Watchers and Whole Foods Market.


You tin  present  pre-order Amazon's Halo View fittingness  set  (and get   $30 off) photograph  2

Amazon Halo View comes successful 2 antithetic sizes: Small/medium and medium/large. Both sizes are disposable to bargain from Amazon's ain storefront for $79.99 each. You tin get them successful either Active Black, Lavender Dream, oregon Sage Green colour options.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 19 November 2021.

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