Ansible vs Puppet: Compare DevOps tools

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Ansible and Puppet are some susceptible tools for managing server infrastructure. See however the features of these DevOps tools compare.

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In DevOps environments, managing servers is becoming a hard task, but it’s 1 that is important to the ratio and creaseless cognition of the extremity idiosyncratic experience. Configuration, provisioning and deployment are each vitally important, and thankfully determination are robust tools to help.

Two of the astir fashionable DevOps tools are Ansible and Puppet. These DevOps tools connection communal functions, but yet each 1 is amended suited for antithetic tasks and environments.

What is Ansible?

Ansible is simply a procedural infrastructure arsenic codification absorption instrumentality to assistance successful the provisioning, deployment and configuration of analyzable web environments. It is agentless and communicates via SSH, which allows for a streamlined and businesslike strategy that lone requires tiny Python modules to beryllium temporarily and automatically installed connected people machines.

What is Puppet?

Puppet is simply a bundle configuration absorption instrumentality based connected an agent-master architecture.

Puppet is the much mature of the 2 tools, and the codification repository known arsenic Puppet Forge contains galore pre-built modules written by the community. Many users judge these modules to beryllium amended than what tin beryllium recovered successful Ansible’s Galaxy, which serves a akin intent arsenic a repository for assemblage made modules.

Regardless of which enactment you choose, it’s ever a bully thought to hunt these repositories arsenic you tin usually find a module already coded to acceptable your needs, redeeming you clip from having to physique your own.

Ansible vs. Puppet: Feature comparison

Fully featured graphical interfaceNoYes
Extensible successful immoderate connection that supports JSONYesNo
Basic mentation is escaped to useYesYes
Simple YAML languageYesNo
Pre-made authoritative integrations and assemblage modulesYesYes

Head-to-head comparison: Ansible vs. Puppet

Easy installation

Both of these DevOps tools connection a comparatively casual setup and installation; however, Ansible is intelligibly the person erstwhile it comes to this owed to its usage of YAML arsenic good arsenic the agentless architecture. Ansible lone needs to beryllium installed connected a azygous server. Ansible besides provides precise casual to travel playbooks for started utilizing comparatively elemental language.

Puppet is simply a spot much involved, arsenic installation is required connected the main servers and each people servers, arsenic good arsenic each people node needing to beryllium approved.

GUI and dashboards

Both Ansible and Puppet connection a GUI and dashboard capabilities, but Puppet is the intelligibly superior of the 2 successful this area.

Ansible is mostly a command-line tool, and astir users volition request to usage it successful that way. The GUI for Ansible is lacking successful respective areas, and lone usable for basal tasks. Puppet connected the different manus has a much integrated GUI and dashboard, and users whitethorn afloat entree each functions.


Both Ansible and Puppet connection large extensibility. Ansible users tin enactment successful immoderate programming connection they similar arsenic agelong arsenic it supports JSON. This combined with the already modular YAML makes Ansible easier erstwhile it comes to customized modules and configurations.

Puppet requires that you enactment successful Python, which for immoderate whitethorn beryllium nary contented astatine all, and for others whitethorn beryllium a barrier. Puppet uses its ain configuration connection known arsenic PuppetDSL, with lone YAML datastore, which besides increases the learning curve.

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For extensibility, Ansible is the victor erstwhile it comes to easiness and simplicity. Although Puppet is arsenic capable, it requires much circumstantial languages and has less pathways to execute the aforesaid goal.

Choosing betwixt Ansible and Puppet

Ansible is the prime erstwhile it comes to needing a quick, easy deployable solution for provisioning and deployment, on with configuration. Network oregon retention engineers volition find Ansible to beryllium overmuch much capable.

Puppet excels arsenic a configuration manager with a lighter accent connected provisioning. The much hard and progressive instal besides plays a relation here. For impermanent usage oregon impermanent DevOps environments, it’s not worthy the setup intricacies, but implicit clip the much integrated attack of Puppet makes scaling overmuch much manageable.

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