Apple Hires 31-Year Ford Veteran to Ramp Up Electric-Car Work

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(Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. has recruited a longtime Ford Motor Co. enforcement who helped pb information efforts and conveyance engineering, a motion the iPhone shaper is again ramping up improvement of an electrical car.

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The tech elephantine hired Desi Ujkashevic for the car project, according to radical with cognition of the matter. Ujkashevic had worked astatine Ford since 1991, astir precocious serving arsenic its planetary manager of automotive information engineering. Before that, she helped oversee engineering of interiors, exteriors, chassis and electrical components for galore Ford models.

The enforcement worked connected Ford’s Escape, Explorer, Fiesta and Focus models, arsenic good arsenic the Lincoln MKC and Aviator, according to her LinkedIn profile. She besides helped make caller electrical vehicles for the Dearborn, Michigan-based automaker. And Ujkashevic has acquisition dealing with regulatory issues, thing that volition beryllium cardinal to Apple getting a car connected the road.

The Cupertino, California-based institution declined to remark connected the hire. Ford, meanwhile, said that Ujkashevic has retired from the automaker.

Enlisting Ujkashevic suggests that Apple is continuing to propulsion toward a self-driving car contempt respective high-profile departures implicit the past year. The project’s absorption squad has been astir wholly replaced since it was tally by Doug Field, an enforcement who near for Ford past year.

Building an electric, self-driving car is seen arsenic a “next large thing” for Apple -- a caller merchandise class that tin support its income maturation from stalling. But the task has suffered galore strategy shifts and unit changes since it kicked disconnected astir 7 years ago.

Turnover has been particularly dense implicit the past year. Besides the departure of Field, Apple mislaid cardinal managers successful complaint of hardware engineering, robotics and sensors. In immoderate cases, high-ranking engineers near to articulation flying taxi startups.

After Field quit, the institution appointed Apple Watch and wellness bundle caput Kevin Lynch to oversee the project. Lynch is simply a well-regarded bundle engineering manager but hasn’t antecedently led the improvement of a vehicle. Still, the institution has sought to accelerate the task nether Lynch -- with the extremity of announcing a merchandise by 2025.

An Apple car would enactment the institution successful contention with Tesla Inc. and Lucid Group Inc., arsenic good arsenic accepted automakers racing to present electrical vehicles. Ford has been peculiarly assertive successful EVs lately with a propulsion to electrify the best-selling conveyance successful America: the F-150 pickup.

Apple besides is trying to maestro autonomous driving arsenic portion of the task -- an auto-industry beatified grail that tech companies specified arsenic Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo besides person been grappling with.

Over the years, Apple has struggled to settee connected a imaginativeness for its car, which has been successful improvement since astir 2015. The existent anticipation is to marque thing afloat autonomous and region some the accepted steering instrumentality and pedals. The institution besides has sought to stress information with its vehicle.

To that end, the institution is looking to make stronger safeguards than what’s disposable from Tesla and Waymo. That includes gathering successful plentifulness of redundancy -- layers of backup systems that footwear successful to debar information and driving-system failures -- Bloomberg reported past year. Ujkashevic could beryllium progressive with that component. Apple had hired Jaime Waydo to service arsenic car information person successful 2018, but the Waymo seasoned departed past year.

Ujkashevic is present 1 of the fewer elder managers connected Apple’s car squad to travel from the car industry, but determination are immoderate others. Last year, Apple hired Ulrich Kranz, a erstwhile BMW enforcement and onetime caput of self-driving startup Canoo. Stuart Bowers, a erstwhile Tesla enforcement who worked connected self-driving software, and Jonathan Sive, an ex-manager astatine Tesla, Waymo and BMW, besides are involved.

At Ford, Ujkashevic was 1 of the company’s highest-profile managers, serving arsenic a named enforcement connected its website.

“Desi has a wealthiness of planetary automotive manufacture enactment experience,” her biography reads connected the Ford website. The institution credited her with improving products, prime and the lawsuit acquisition astatine the 118-year-old company.

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