Apple rolls out iOS 15.5 with upgrades to Apple Cash and Podcasts

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Apple is rapidly acting connected its committedness to deliver immoderate utile upgrades earlier WWDC. The institution has released iOS 15.5 and its iPadOS 15.5 counterpart with improvements to some Apple Cash and (as mentioned earlier) Podcasts. Cash users tin present nonstop and person wealth from their card, portion Podcasts users tin person the app automatically bounds occurrence retention based connected criteria similar the fig of shows oregon clip since release.

A corresponding macOS 12.4 update adds the applicable Podcasts features. You tin besides drawback a previously teased firmware hole for the Studio Display's mediocre webcam quality. Apple has besides released watchOS 8.6, tvOS 15.5 and HomePod 15.5 updates, though those absorption connected bug fixes and show alternatively than immoderate important features.

The iOS, iPadOS and macOS updates aren't huge, but that's not surprising. Apple has historically coiled down important upgrades to its existent operating systems astir this clip of year. The absorption present is apt on iOS 16 and different large revisions apt to get successful the fall.

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