Aussie star wins Champions League on one leg

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A superior genu wounded to Ellie Carpenter couldn't halt the Matildas prima from celebrating her 2nd Champions League title.

The 22-year-old suffered a suspected ruptured ACL little than 15 minutes into the archetypal fractional of Lyon's (Olympique Lyonnais) two-goal triumph implicit Barcelona connected Sunday morning.

Carpenter wounded her genu successful an aboriginal situation against Barca's Fridolina Rolfo but was capable to play on. However, the defender's genu aboriginal gave mode arsenic she ran onto the ball, forcing her to beryllium taken from the tract connected a stretcher.

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Teammate Damaris Egurrola carries the injured Aussie Ellie Carpenter connected her backmost arsenic they celebrate. (Getty)

Despite the disappointing event, Carpenter watched connected arsenic her teammates bushed Barcelona 3-1, adjacent participating successful the post-match celebrations with her limb successful a brace and a brace of crutches connected hand.

Speaking aft the victory, Lyon manager Sonia Bompastor shared a glum prognosis of Carpenter's injury.

"I'm not excessively optimistic. I deliberation it's rather a superior injury, we'll nonstop her for investigating and exams erstwhile we get backmost to Lyon. I don't deliberation it's looking good," she said.

With scans yet to uncover the grade of the injury, it appears astir definite that Carpenter volition miss the upcoming Matildas fixtures against Spain and Portugal astatine the extremity of June.

The wounded is simply a monolithic stroke to the Matlidas' FIFA World Cup run with the location contention lone 14 months away.

Carpenter won her archetypal UEFA Champions League crown with the present eight-time conquering French squad successful 2020.

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