'Awful' Titans drilled by coach, skipper after loss

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Gold Coast Titans skipper Tino Fa'asuamaleaui has apologised to the club's loyal fans aft what helium called a "bloody lazy" show against the Newcastle Knights.

The Titans were blown disconnected the parkland successful the archetypal half, and extracurricular of a little five-minute spurt to commencement the 2nd half, were good beneath the level of their opponents.

Following the match, Fa'asuamaleaui joined Titans fullback AJ Brimson successful offering an apology to Gold Coast fans.

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"It's unfair connected them. They inactive enactment us, the loyal ones, but evidently it's unfair," helium said.

Alexander Brimson of the Titans looks dejected during the circular 16 NRL lucifer betwixt the Newcastle Knights and the Gold Coast Titans (Getty)

"We request to play better. You tin get distant if you suffer and enactment effort in, but contiguous determination was nary effort. We were bloody lazy and yeah, I bash consciousness atrocious for the fans.

"We request to prime our crippled up and decorativeness beardown truthful astatine slightest they tin person a grin to extremity the season, but truthful acold it's been beauteous bad."

Titans manager Justin Holbrook besides slammed the "awful" showing from his side, admitting helium was near with nary answers, and forecasting immoderate changes.

"We didn't cognize what we were doing retired there. We got a fewer incorrect and past conscionable got worse, truthful there's a batch to hole up that's for sure," helium said.

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"I americium (lost for answers) tonight, definitely. In our past crippled we competed hard against the Sharks and past contiguous we were a cardinal miles off.

"We request to person a look astatine the squad and who's moving retired there, that's for sure.

"We've got guys successful positions that conscionable aren't doing their occupation good capable for the NRL. It's a batch of idiosyncratic errors and that hurts you.

"We request to marque a fewer changes present and get backmost into it."

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