Barack And Michelle Obama Announce $100 Million Scholarship As Melania Trump Whines About Vogue

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While Melania Trump complains connected Fox News astir ne'er getting connected the screen of Vogue, Barack and Michelle Obama announced a caller $100 cardinal assistance for assemblage students.

Video announcing the Voyager scholarship:

Announcing the Voyager Scholarship! Created by the Obamas and Brian Chesky, this nationalist work assistance combines barrier-reducing fiscal aid, horizon-expanding travel, and a web of leaders. Rising juniors successful the U.S.—apply by June 14:

— The Obama Foundation (@ObamaFoundation) May 16, 2022

Funded by a $100 cardinal idiosyncratic publication from Chesky to the Obama Foundation, the Voyager Scholarship gives assemblage students fiscal assistance to assistance alleviate the load of assemblage debt, meaningful question experiences to grow their horizons, and a web of mentors and leaders to enactment them passim their careers. The assistance is anticipated to enactment 100 students successful the archetypal twelvemonth and standard to enactment greater numbers of  students implicit the coming years who are committed to entering careers successful nationalist service.

“If we privation this adjacent procreation of leaders to beryllium capable to bash what they request to do, they person to conscionable each other. They person to cognize each other. They person to recognize each other’s communities,” said President Obama successful the announcement video, “You’re going to find young radical from each country of this state who are going to beryllium aboriginal alteration makers. There are leaders everywhere. We conscionable person to find them.”

“Education is idiosyncratic for me,” said erstwhile First Lady Michelle Obama, “I’ve met truthful galore young radical who are funny successful nationalist service, but they’re wondering however they’re going to wage for schoolhouse oregon whether they’ll get to spot the satellite beyond their ain community. We could not beryllium much grateful to squad up with Brian to assistance retired these young radical connected their travel to make change.”

Melania Trump Complains About Not Being On The Cover Of Vogue

Meanwhile, implicit connected Fox, Melania Trump was complaining astir not being connected the screen of Vogue, “They are biased, and they person likes and dislikes, and it’s truthful obvious. And I deliberation American radical and everyone spot it, and I person overmuch much important things to bash — and I did successful the White House — than being connected the screen of Vogue.”

The Obamas Are Shaping The Next Generation Of Leaders, And The Trumps Are Only Out For Themselves

The Obamas are helping to promote and signifier aboriginal generations of assemblage leaders, portion the Trumps are disconnected in their wellness codification violating Florida exile nursing bitter grievances astir not getting much attention, each the portion bitterly jealous of the Obamas, who they dispersed the birther conspiracy about.

Both erstwhile archetypal couples are influencing the country.  Barack and Michelle Obama are utilizing their powerfulness to physique hope, optimism, and a amended future. Meanwhile, the Buffalo wide shooting is an illustration of what the Trumps are contributing to nine with their ugly, dangerous, and divisive rhetoric.

Who voters elite to beryllium president has consequences for the state agelong aft that idiosyncratic leaves office.

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