Bitdefender vs McAfee: Compare EDR software

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When you're choosing EDR bundle for your business, spot however the features of Bitdefender and McAfee compare.

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Bitdefender and McAfee are endpoint detection and effect systems, but which EDR bundle reigns ultimate betwixt the two? See however these EDR products’ features compare.

What is Bitdefender?

Bitdefender is an antivirus extortion bundle that focuses connected information first. It strives to support your accusation and delicate information harmless connected the internet. Its dedication to your information online means that it has a separate, peculiar browser specifically for banking transactions that volition support each of your accusation wholly secure.

When the bundle is running, it sends you brushed reminders that volition vanish and debar interfering with your work. Bitdefender’s full information ensures that your instrumentality volition ever beryllium moving astatine its optimal level, adjacent erstwhile conducting a afloat scan of your device. It is the much wide utilized work of the two.

What is McAfee?

McAfee, similar Bitdefender, is an antivirus extortion bundle dedicated to putting your privateness supra each else. It protects your devices successful real-time, and it offers an up-to-date extortion people truthful you tin spot if you’re doing a bully occupation keeping your accusation harmless online. Its PC Optimizer diagnostic helps guarantee that your machine is moving to the champion of its ability, without immoderate viruses oregon unused programs weighing it down. McAfee, similar Bitdefender, is disposable connected some PC and mobile. You tin besides effort retired the work for escaped earlier committing to a plan.

Bitdefender vs. McAfee: Feature comparison

Malware and ransomware protectionYesYes
Available connected Windows and MacYesYes
Available connected iOS and AndroidYesYes
Available connected iOS and AndroidYesNo
Webcam and microphone safetyYesNo
Identity theft monitoringNoYes

Head-to-head comparison: Bitdefender vs. McAfee

Real-time protection

Both EDR products connection real-time extortion from threats. With Bitdefender, you tin take to toggle connected and disconnected immoderate protective capabilities, which could beryllium adjuvant if a tract you privation to sojourn isn’t safe, according to the product. It boasts an precocious menace defence that has entree to an extended malware database truthful it tin find immoderate cyber menace quickly. Then, it volition either destruct the information oregon pass you astir it.

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McAfee’s bundle instantly puts thing successful quarantine erstwhile it attempts to encrypt oregon work data. It creates copies of your delicate files conscionable successful lawsuit you suffer them oregon they go compromised to guarantee that you inactive person your information. McAfee is precise proactive successful treating threats.

Virus scanning

These EDR products person a scanning diagnostic to cheque each of your existing files, and some besides person a speedy scan option, which isn’t arsenic in-depth arsenic a afloat scan, but it tin decorativeness successful grounds time.

Bitdefender offers a afloat scan that encompasses changes to your strategy settings and password vulnerability. You tin cheque to marque definite that your settings are precisely arsenic you privation them aft getting a notification of caller changes, and you should alteration your password if Bitdefender has determined it is weak. Bitdefender’s scan breaks the accusation down into antithetic areas and elements of interest for casual viewing, and it lone takes astir fractional an hour.

McAfee’s scanning diagnostic shows you however overmuch has been scanned truthful far; this way, you ne'er person to wonderment if the scan volition beryllium completed soon. After the scan is finished, McAfee tells you conscionable however galore threats it protected you against. Unfortunately, the scan whitethorn instrumentality up to 2 hours, depending connected the velocity of your device.

VPN capability

A virtual backstage web gives you an other furniture of information connected apical of your antivirus extortion software. VPNs are included with McAfee’s packages and tin beryllium included with Bitdefender full information features.

While Bitdefender does person a abstracted harmless browser for banking purposes, it besides offers a VPN work that tin springiness you full information connected apical of what you already have. You person the enactment to adhd this to your program for a year. It isn’t included successful the outgo of the bundle you choose, but if you worth your privacy, it could beryllium a worthwhile addition.

With McAfee, you gain a VPN automatically. McAfee’s VPN work comes with the bundle you select, but conscionable due to the fact that it’s technically escaped doesn’t mean that you’ll spot the prime compromised. Your online enactment volition stay private, adjacent to McAfee.

Choosing betwixt Bitdefender and McAfee

If you prioritize VPN security, McAfee whitethorn beryllium amended for your business. If you privation to guarantee your accusation is wholly secure, particularly erstwhile handling money, Bitdefender is the wide winner.

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