Blink-182 Drummer Travis Barker Hospitalized With Pancreatitis

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July 1, 2022 – Travis Barker, drummer for stone set blink-182, was hospitalized this week successful Los Angeles with pancreatitis.

Barker, 46, hubby of personage influencer Kourtney Kardashian, precocious had a colonoscopy to cheque for colon cancer. Experts person weighed successful connected however apt the nexus is betwixt his colonoscopy and pancreatitis.

"It's possible, but it's rare," says Timothy B. Gardner, MD, manager of pancreatic disorders astatine Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center successful Lebanon, NH.

"It's exceedingly rare," agrees Vladimir M Kushnir, MD. "Colonoscopy is an highly harmless and lifesaving procedure."

Serious complications from a colonoscopy hap good little than 1 successful 1,000 times, helium says.

Only 5 cases of pancreatitis aft a colonoscopy person been reported successful aesculapian literature, Kushnir says, usually aft precise hard procedures. "This is not thing I would ever interest astir if I were having a colonoscopy oregon a household subordinate was having a colonoscopy," says Kushnir, manager of bariatric endoscopy astatine Washington University School of Medicine successful St. Louis.

"I've done thousands and thousands of colonoscopies, and I've ne'er had a diligent make pancreatitis," Gardner says.

One happening remains unclear: however overmuch clip determination was betwixt Barker's colonoscopy and his pancreatitis. Typically, the pancreas would person to go inflamed wrong 24 to 48 hours to beryllium related, Gardner says.

More Common Causes

The pancreas is simply a large digestive gland that sits down the stomach. It tin get inflamed for a assortment of reasons, but it is astir often related to gallstone illness oregon excessive intoxicant use.

When the pancreas gets inflamed, it tin origin belly symptom and nausea. "In astir cases, it gets amended successful a fewer days," Kushnir says. "But successful immoderate uncommon cases, patients tin get into a superior inflammatory information and it tin beryllium rather severe. Pancreatitis is really 1 of the astir communal gastrointestinal conditions to necessitate hospitalization."

Gardner agrees that astir radical with pancreatitis retrieve wrong a fewer days. He besides notes that immoderate medications and pancreatic crab tin besides origin pancreatitis.

Anatomy Lesson

One portion of the colon is called the splenic flexure, which is astatine the near precocious portion of the belly that sits close adjacent to the process of the pancreas. "So they are close adjacent to each other," Gardner says.

"So conceivably, if we're doing a colonoscopy, the unit could origin mechanical interaction with that portion of the pancreas," helium says. But again, it's precise rare.

According to a study successful People, Barker entered Cedars-Sinai Hospital connected Tuesday with cramps, utmost tummy pain, and trouble walking.

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