Broncos star cops dreaded injury news

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The Brisbane Broncos person been dealt a cruel stroke with centre Kotoni Staggs apt to miss the remainder of the season.

Despite a starring show past nighttime during the Broncos' triumph against the Cowboys, successful which helium scored 2 tries and notched 2 line-breaks, Staggs re-injured the aforesaid genu that kept him retired for astir 12 months.

Playing successful his 4th crippled backmost following an ACL injury, Staggs this clip astir suffered an MCL injury, which the nine revealed is apt to extremity his play with 5 games remaining.

"Kotoni has a high-grade MCL wounded aft suffering an interaction to the genu successful a tackle successful the 2nd half, and helium is improbable to instrumentality to play for the remainder of the season," caput of show Dave Ballard said.

Kotoni Staggs (Getty)

"It's the aforesaid genu that helium injured past twelvemonth but it's important to beryllium wide that his ACL is good and the wounded is localised to his MCL.

"We expect it to beryllium a straight-forward betterment implicit coming weeks and Kotoni is keen to get into his rehab arsenic soon arsenic helium can."

Meanwhile, the nine is hopeful Jake Turpin tin instrumentality earlier the seasons' extremity contempt suffering a precocious ankle sprain.

"Jake picked up a precocious ankle sprain which volition mean a fewer weeks of rehab but helium is simply a accidental to play again this season," Ballard said.

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