Cornes rips 'petulant' Dusty for 'arrogant' TV act

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AFL large Kane Cornes has ripped Richmond superstar Dustin Martin for the "petulant" snub of a journalist.

Martin injured his hamstring playing against West Coast astatine the weekend, and went for scans connected the wounded connected Monday.

He was approached by a tv newsman and asked to remark connected the injury, but the 2017 Brownlow Medallist wholly ignored the questioning and walked away.

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Martin is 1 of the 2 astir recognisable players successful the AFL, alongside Sydney's Lance Franklin. He's successful the statement for the champion to ever play the game, with 3 premierships to his sanction and 3 Norm Smith Medals for champion afield successful those expansive finals.

And astatine 31 years old, Cornes believes Martin should cognize however to grip the media amended than helium did this week.

Dustin Martin of the Tigers. (AFL Photos via Getty Images)

"It's beauteous petulant, don't you think? I thought it was petulant from Dustin Martin," Cornes told SEN radio.

"You've got the game's biggest prima refusing to speech to fundamentally Channel 7's No.1 footy reporter, the big broadcaster, and looking astatine him with genuine disdain and wholly ignoring him.

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"There is simply a level of respect connected however to dainty people. A batch of footy fans don't complaint the media and a batch of players don't, too, but I deliberation it's much astir however you dainty radical and if you're going to judge a $1.2 cardinal cheque per twelvemonth fundamentally from media rights, I deliberation there's a existent arrogance astir that, and immoderate radical would accidental that's overdoing it, but helium refuses to bash on-ground interviews after.

"You're the game's biggest star. I conscionable reckon it's not hard to conscionable say, 'Hey Mitch, I'm not definite mate, we'll find retired aboriginal successful the week'. That's each you've got to say.

"You're speaking to the supporters arsenic well. You whitethorn hatred the media, but you're speaking to the 100,000 Richmond members who ne'er perceive (from you)."

Martin is notoriously media-shy contempt being the champion and astir high-profile subordinate successful the game.

Following the scans connected his hamstring the Tigers announced helium the superstar volition miss this week's crippled against Gold Coast.

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