Cover Reveal – Marvel’s Midnight Suns

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Marvel is connected a tear. We each cognize that the institution has been a ascendant unit successful comics and films for immoderate time, but that powerhouse has precocious begun to marque a much important propulsion into the crippled space. Insomniacs’ 2 Spider-Man games are immense standouts, but past year’s Avengers rubric from Crystal Dynamics besides offered a amusive communicative campaign, and this year’s Guardians of the Galaxy from Eidos-Montreal looks to present a rollercoaster sci-fi epic backed by meaningful subordinate choice. Not to mention, if you spell connected the marketplace of your mobile device, you’ll find respective Marvel games – specified arsenic Marvel Strike Force – dispersed crossed aggregate genres.

As if that wasn’t enough, adjacent year, we’ll spot the merchandise of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a brand-new strategy-RPG from Firaxis, the workplace down iconic strategy bid similar Civilization and XCOM. Firaxis’ XCOM squad is moving connected Midnight Suns, and the squad aims to connection its affluent cognition of strategy systems portion exploring the darker broadside of the Marvel universe. Check retired the afloat screen beneath by renowned comic artist Ryan Stegman. 

Cover by Ryan Stegman (artist) and Guru-eFX (colorist)

In Midnight Suns, a almighty sorceress named Lilith is connected the escaped with an service of demons and plans to unleash a almighty elder deity connected humanity. To enactment her down, immoderate of Marvel’s top heroes – including Iron Man, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Blade, Ghost Rider, and Wolverine – indispensable set together. In summation to those acquainted faces, Firaxis worked with Marvel to make an wholly caller hero, called the Hunter, who tin harness airy and acheronian energies successful battle.  

For our screen story, we talked extensively with Firaxis astir however it has carved retired its ain instrumentality connected Marvel, wherefore Midnight Suns plays differently from XCOM, and which superheroes players tin expect to hitch shoulders with during this campaign. We besides went hands-on with the rubric and program to stock our thoughts implicit the coming weeks. (Spoilers: it rules). Unfortunately, we can’t accidental overmuch much astatine this constituent but travel backmost adjacent week for the afloat screen uncover and beryllium definite to subscribe to Game Informer Magazine truthful you tin work the full story.

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