DappRadar launches cross-chain token staking solution

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DappRadar’s cross-chain token staking is present live, the archetypal successful the manufacture to let users to involvement and assertion rewards connected immoderate concatenation careless of wherever they involvement their RADAR tokens.

DappRadar is making it casual for investors to gain staking rewards connected immoderate blockchain with enactment for the autochthonal RADAR token.

This aft the Dapp store and dApps information tracking platform’s launch of its cross-chain staking solution connected Thursday. According to the DappRadar team, RADAR holders tin present involvement their tokens connected 1 blockchain and assertion staking rewards oregon retreat their staked tokens connected different chain.

🎯 We conscionable launched an industry-first cross-chain token staking mechanism, allowing users to assertion their staking rewards connected immoderate blockchain and minimize the fees related to staking drastically. Woohoo 🎊 pic.twitter.com/pnypWrc1RN

— DappRadar (@DappRadar) June 30, 2022


The motorboat of the cross-chain token staking solution involves LayerZero, an interoperability protocol that allows for cross-chain astute contracts communication.

The protocol enables this for some EVM-compatible and non-EVM compatible chains, which means users volition not beryllium constricted to those blockchains lone compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Cross-chain staking enactment volition beryllium disposable connected whichever concatenation RADAR launches on, the level said successful a blog post. Simply, it means RADAR stakers bash not necessitate a span to entree their staked tokens.

Also beneficial to the RADAR staking assemblage is that APR volition beryllium the aforesaid crossed each supported blockchains. No bridging besides means users won’t person to carnivore the associated precocious state fees.

Skirmantas Januskas, the CEO and co-founder of DappRadar noted successful a connection shared via a press release, that the platform’s merchandise was built with users, “especially margin-sensitive” ones successful mind.

He noted that the innovation is present disposable for usage elsewhere successful the blockchain industry, adding that the assemblage tin execute much maturation and adoption if they “build together.”

DappRadar hosts and tracks implicit 10,000 dApps crossed much than 45 blockchains and protocols,with information and penetration connected DeFi, NFTs and gaming among others.

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