Defeated Roosters fume at 'horrible' ref display

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Roosters manager Trent Robinson annihilated the referee after his side's decision to the Panthers connected Friday night, branding 1 determination "horrible" and rattling disconnected respective others helium opposed.

The Tricolours mentor was past backed up by rugby league fable Cameron Smith, who described a punishment against hooker Sam Verrills arsenic a "shocker" connected Nine's post-game coverage.

The Verrills penalty, which saw the Roosters rake pinged for a unsafe tackle against Scott Sorensen, stemmed from the Panthers back-rower toppling implicit the defender and getting his caput successful a unsafe position.

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Roosters manager Trent Robinson was ropeable with referee Gerard Sutton aft his side's nonaccomplishment to the Panthers connected Friday night. (NRL Imagery)

Referee Gerard Sutton blew his whistle due to the fact that helium deemed that Verrills' tackling method was astatine fault, earlier Penrith rolled up the tract and capitalised done a try.

"That's conscionable a horrible decision. We shouldn't fto a effort successful connected the extremity of it, but determination were truthful galore mediocre decisions tonight," Robinson said successful his post-game property conference.

"We had the aforesaid referee past crippled and it was 30-odd offsides and it was a 3-1 punishment number and it was like, 'Well, this is normal'.

"And past astatine each accidental (in the Panthers clash) ... it was the Sam Verrills one, we besides had the sin-binning 1 (against Angus Crichton) ... we're not playing rugby union. You either halt the game, nonstop him to the bin there; you don't springiness them opportunities.

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"And past the offsides connected the effort enactment ... it was conscionable (giving) them opportunities. The offsides connected some sides. You tin telephone (Isaah) Yeo, you tin telephone (Nathan) Cleary constantly, but if you don't penalise them you extremity up with 28 per cent possession."

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Despite Robinson's remark regarding possession, some sides had 50 per cent of the footy.

A top-notch shot from Nathan Cleary to Izack Tago with astir 15 minutes remaining stole the pb backmost for Penrith, earlier the reigning premiers added different effort and closed retired a 26-18 triumph.

"It wasn't a bully capable show (from the referee) tonight," Robinson said.

"The Nat Butcher 1 astatine the extremity determination ... they're large decisions that you can't get wrong, and it wasn't bully enough."

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Smith was dumbfounded astatine the Verrills penalty.

"That tackle from Sam Verrills ... that's a tackle that you're taught astatine six oregon 7 years of property successful inferior football," Smith said.

"That's not a unsafe tackle. It's not his work to interest astir wherever the ball-carrier ends up landing. And that's the mentation that Gerard Sutton gives there.

"I was refereed by Gerard Sutton many, galore times passim my career, and he's a large referee, but that's a shocker."

Robinson has different occupation to rue aft prop Sio Siua Taukeiaho was reported for an disfigured precocious changeable connected Viliame Kikau.

The Panthers back-rower passed a caput wounded appraisal and returned to person a sizeable interaction connected the match, scoring a try, unleashing a bid of barnstorming runs and stamping his authorization successful defence.

Rugby league Immortal Andrew Johns described the Fijian planetary arsenic a "genetic freak" connected Nine's post-match coverage.

The Panthers and Roosters are some acceptable for a bye successful circular 17.

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