Dire call exposes Barrett's poisonous gambles

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Rugby league icon Phil Gould has made an appraisal of Trent Barrett's tumultuous stints arsenic an NRL caput manager that suggest helium doubly signed himself up for a poisonous task.

Gould said it was unwise of him to instrumentality connected the Manly and Canterbury gigs for 1 reason: neither the Sea Eagles nor the Bulldogs are successful his blood.

Canterbury's wide manager of shot reasoned that, specified is the quality of the Sea Eagles and Bulldogs, Barrett would deficiency enactment from the committee and members. Gould has been nationalist successful his enactment of Barrett arsenic Bulldogs coach, but it's believed the patience of the committee and members had worn thin.

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A grim appraisal of Trent Barrett's stints arsenic an NRL caput manager suggests helium doubly signed himself up for a poisonous task. (Jason McCawley/Getty Images)

Barrett played the bulk of his 235 first-grade games with the Steelers and Dragons, earlier spending his last 2 seasons astatine the Sharks.

"He took connected a occupation astatine Manly that I recommended helium shouldn't take. It was a precise hard occupation astatine the clip and I said, 'you're not a Manly boy. They won't support you'," Gould said connected Nine's 100% Footy.

"And the aforesaid happening astatine the Bulldogs. When helium went to the Bulldogs I said, 'you're not a Bulldog boy, mate'. I said, 'you're a Dragon'. I said, 'if things spell atrocious there's going to beryllium nary 1 determination to support you'. And that's beauteous overmuch however it's played out."

Why Gould won't manager embattled Dogs

The irony successful Gould's comments is some of Barrett's predecessors – Geoff Toovey astatine Manly and Dean Pay astatine Canterbury – were some sacked contempt being nine greats.

Toovey was a diminutive but fearless halfback for Manly successful the 1980s and 1990s, and Pay was a subordinate of the formidable Canterbury guardant packs of the aforesaid era.

Toovey and Pay some struggled successful the NRL blistery spot and some were booted by the nine astatine which they had go legends.

Regardless, Barrett shouldered a monumental situation erstwhile helium accepted the Manly occupation and again erstwhile helium became Canterbury's caput coach.

Gould drops hint arsenic Dogs' manager hunt begins

He had a triumph percent of 39 crossed 3 seasons astatine the Sea Eagles, and a triumph percent of 14 implicit 35 games astatine the Bulldogs.

Despite Barrett's grim record, Gould doesn't deliberation he's exhausted he's accidental arsenic a caput manager successful the NRL.

"I truly complaint him. I've ever rated him: arsenic a communicator, arsenic a hard worker," Gould said.

"That lad – helium threw his bosom and psyche into it. He worked hard each time connected what helium was trying to do, and helium worked hard astatine his craft. He's got large connection skills; we identified that precise aboriginal on."

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