Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Review – Lots Of Chores, Little Reward

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Summed up, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is simply a elemental and straightforward action/RPG. It’s casual to get mislaid successful its tranquil rhythm of collecting stamps via fetch quests and combat. However, Rising doesn’t person overmuch substance. The full acquisition is bland and commits assorted RPG transgressions, which is disappointing. Especially arsenic it’s a prequel introducing the Eiyuden satellite up of Eiyuden Chronicle: A Hundred Heroes – a spiritual successor to the Suikoden series. If this is simply a motion of what’s to come, I’m concerned.

Rising’s protagonist, CJ, is simply a young adventurer who wants to marque a sanction for herself as a treasure hunter. She sets up successful a municipality that attracts adventurers acold and wide for its invaluable adjacent resources; deliberation of the Gold Rush. During her trek, she teams up with a grumpy and feisty kangaroo appropriately named Garoo and a crisp and elegant magic idiosyncratic named Isha. The main communicative chiefly serves to get you moving to your adjacent destination, serving up a fewer revelations astir wherefore mysterious, unsafe threats person appeared. Overall, the communicative is precise predictable and generic.  

With a adust story, the deficiency of bonding moments betwixt the characters disappointed me. A fewer charming interactions play retired successful CJ and Garoo’s banter, and I took large delight successful the quality of a magical miss named Mallore, which is simply a wide homage to Sailor Moon. Still, there’s not overmuch extent to these personalities, and they consciousness much similar quality outlines than afloat developed individuals. Sadly, this makes it hard to consciousness immoderate transportation to them.

A immense facet of Rising is its town-building feature, which lets you assistance assorted villagers acceptable up their shops to pull radical to the settlement, making it much prosperous. You’re perpetually leveling up assorted stores, specified arsenic a tavern, inn, apothecary, weapons shop, and more. At archetypal glance, the town-building seems similar a amusive further wrinkle, but its tedious fetch quests marque it 1 of the game’s biggest letdowns. You trek to the aforesaid areas and past backmost again to the quest giver, who usually asks you to get a definite magnitude of a assets oregon find a idiosyncratic for them.

The town-building rapidly turns into a agelong database of chores. On the 1 hand, they aren’t each that hard to complete. On the different hand, they’re mindless and don’t connection overmuch restitution for the effort. The shops get immoderate caller stock, and the municipality gets a small much crowded, but it’s specified a hollow consciousness of progression. Every effort earns you stamps, which showcase your municipality completion level. After doing a chunk of these, I mislaid involvement successful prioritizing the broadside content, but past realized I was under-leveled if I didn’t prosecute with it since the quests connection a large woody of experience. This is frustrating, arsenic you’re forced into boring pursuits with nary substance and precise small successful the mode of storytelling. A broadside quest should consciousness optional, not required.

Dungeons are breached up into abbreviated romps, which I liked due to the fact that they didn’t consciousness bloated and lent themselves good to abbreviated play sessions. That was until I had to support backtracking to the aforesaid dungeons, warring the aforesaid minibosses repeatedly. The crippled is linear overall, which isn’t an contented if the exploration is interesting. That’s not truly the lawsuit here; dungeons person precise minimal hidden paths, and their main entreaty is picking up uncommon items that you tin usage successful crafting, instrumentality upgrades, and cooking. Their wide plan is besides precise basic, tied to antithetic elements (e.g., ice, earth, fire). At the precise least, the last bosses of each dungeon are visually appealing and supply a decent challenge. One of my favorites was the furry crystal twins, who could crook the level to axenic ice, forcing you to enactment successful the aerial with treble jumps and combos until it lifted.

The enactment combat is different country of the crippled that is conscionable adequate. Your enactment members and their attacks are tied to antithetic look buttons connected the controller, and if you swap to different quality astatine conscionable the close clip successful the mediate of an attack, you tin concatenation almighty combos. As you level up, you unlock newer abilities, specified arsenic antithetic jumping attacks similar aerial and speedy steps, alongside upward and downward attacks. Unfortunately, I ne'er felt a increasing consciousness of powerfulness oregon restitution from these; the nexus combos were much fulfilling and deadly. Still, everything controlled well, and I didn’t tally into immoderate glitches oregon superior method issues during my clip with the crippled connected Switch.

The 2.5D creation benignant deserves its ain praise. Rising is simply a vibrant and inviting adventure, with beauteous hand-drawn visuals that adhd a bully idiosyncratic touch. The graphics person this retro vibe reminiscent of Suikoden, portion inactive modernizing conscionable capable to consciousness similar an breathtaking ocular upgrade. The quality portraits are elaborate and alluring, and the small details successful the landscapes pop, specified arsenic writer swaying successful the upwind oregon blistering snowfall falling.

Rising was created to reward fans for reaching a Kickstarter agelong goal, but it’s not conscionable an add-on, it is simply a implicit game, moving astir 20 hours. Natsume Atari took constituent arsenic developer, with input from Rabbit & Bear Studios, the masterminds down Hundred Heroes. Unfortunately, the acquisition falls abbreviated arsenic each constituent of it is conscionable passable oregon run-of-the-mill. However, its creation benignant is simply a agleam spot, making maine hopeful for the main crippled that is inactive to come.

Pretty visuals tin lone get you far, however, and Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising doesn’t connection capable entertaining oregon unsocial contented to support it from being thing much than a passable RPG. At the precise least, it introduces the Eiyuden satellite and immoderate characters progressive successful Hundred Heroes, but that’s precise small inducement for putting up with tedious gameplay and boilerplate characters.

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