Elon Musk is already at risk of violating a key provision of his deal with Twitter

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Elon Musk whitethorn person already breached a cardinal proviso of the woody helium made with Twitter. One time aft Twitter disclosed the presumption of its woody with Musk, the Tesla CEO is already raising questions astir his willingness to adhere to a non-disparagement clause.

According to an SEC filing shared by twitter connected Tuesday, Musk is “permitted to contented Tweets astir the Merger oregon the transactions contemplated hereby truthful agelong arsenic specified Tweets bash not disparage the Company oregon immoderate of its Representatives.” In different words, Musk tin tweet astir the woody each helium wants, but helium can’t denigrate Twitter oregon its employees.

But erstwhile again Musk seems unwilling to mean himself, and has done truthful astatine the disbursal of a apical Twitter executive.

On Tuesday night, Musk replied to a tweet astir an earlier Politico communicative that reported Twitter’s apical argumentation exec, Vijaya Gadde, had cried during a gathering with unit discussing Musk’s buyout. The archetypal tweet besides noted Gadde’s relation successful Twitter’s handling of the Hunter Biden laptop communicative successful 2020. (The institution rapidly reversed course aft initially trying to bounds the story, citing its argumentation connected hacked materials.)

“Suspending the Twitter relationship of a large quality enactment for publishing a truthful communicative was evidently incredibly inappropriate,” Musk responded. On Wednesday, Musk targeted Gadde again, tweeting a meme based connected her quality connected a 2019 episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Just to say, determination are galore defensible _nuanced_ perspectives connected contented moderation and, also, @vijaya is 1 of the astir thoughtful, principled radical I know.

— Ev (@ev) April 27, 2022

The tweets, which person prompted a question of harassment directed astatine Gadde, person prompted 2 erstwhile Twitter CEOs to travel to her defense. Twitter co-founder and erstwhile CEO EV Williams wrote that Gadde is “one of the astir thoughtful, principled radical I know.”

Former CEO Dick Costolo was much pointed. “You're making an enforcement astatine the institution you conscionable bought the people of harassment and threats,” he said. “Bullying is not leadership,” helium wrote successful a abstracted tweet. “I’m conscionable saying Twitter needs to beryllium politically neutral,” Musk responded.

Notably, neither Jack Dorsey — who precocious enthusiastically endorsed Musk’s takeover —or existent CEO Parag Agrawal has commented directly. Agrawl tweeted Wednesday that helium was “proud of our radical who proceed to bash the enactment with absorption and urgency contempt the noise.”

I took this occupation to alteration Twitter for the better, people close wherever we request to, and fortify the service. Proud of our radical who proceed to bash the enactment with absorption and urgency contempt the noise.

— Parag Agrawal (@paraga) April 27, 2022

Twitter didn’t instantly respond to a petition for comment.

Regardless, this benignant of “noise” from Musk is not apt to beryllium good with Twitter employees, galore of whom are already apprehensive astir the absorption Musk volition instrumentality the platform.

Musk has claimed that helium wants Twitter to beryllium "politically neutral," which successful his estimation "effectively means upsetting the acold close and the acold near equally." Early reports looking astatine changes successful follower counts for high-profile accounts suggest that far-right politicians are seeing a crisp uptick successful followers. 

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