Fall Guys Is Going Free-To-Play, Launching On Xbox And Switch Next Month

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Fall Guys, the fashionable obstacle course-based multiplayer game, is going free-to-play connected June 21. 

Mediatonic, the developer down Fall Guys, announced this contiguous successful a peculiar livestream for the game. June 21 volition besides spot the motorboat of Season 1 and Fall Guys' long-awaited accomplishment to Xbox platforms, Switch, and the Epic Games Store. 

In fact, to hole for this displacement to free-to-play, Mediatonic says PS4 players volition request to download a caller mentation of the crippled that’s disposable now. All of your existing cosmetics and crowns volition transportation over. When the Xbox mentation of the crippled goes live, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers volition summation entree to the archetypal of 3 cosmetics they’ll get arsenic Ultimate Perks. The 2nd cosmetic volition driblet successful the 2nd month, and the 3rd successful the 3rd month. 

Elsewhere successful the stream, Mediatonic said caller levels and obstacles volition beryllium added to the crippled successful Season 1 alongside caller challenges, cosmetics, and more. For those who already ain Fall Guys, whether it beryllium via acquisition oregon erstwhile it launched connected PlayStation Plus, you’ll beryllium receiving a escaped Legacy Pack, which includes 3 costumes, a preview of the archetypal free-to-play Season 1 pass, and more. Log into Fall Guys earlier June 21 to entree the Legacy Pack. 

As you mightiness expect with Fall Guys going free-to-play, determination volition beryllium a escaped Season Pass and a premium Season Pass. The escaped walk volition see immoderate cosmetics and much but the premium walk is what you’ll privation if you’re aft the astir elusive items. With this caller change, you’ll nary longer beryllium capable to usage Crowns to bargain things successful Fall Guys. Instead, your Crowns volition summation your level in the play walk and they’ll beryllium transferred into Kudos, which is Fall Guys’ in-game currency. 

The watercourse ended with a "one much thing" and that 1 much happening was a tease that a level creator is successful the works. As for erstwhile to expect it to deed the game, that remains unknown. 

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