'Fall Guys' lands on Switch, Xbox and Epic Games Store on June 21st

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It's been implicit a twelvemonth since Mediatonic confirmed Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch. After some delays, the hold is astir over. The ridiculously amusive conflict royale platformer is coming to those platforms, arsenic good arsenic Epic Games Store, connected June 21st. A dedicated PlayStation 5 mentation is connected the mode too. Full cross-play and cross-progression volition beryllium disposable crossed each platforms arsenic well.

What's more, Fall Guys is going free-to-play. Epic pulled a akin determination with Rocket League aft snatching up Psyonix. Existing players connected PlayStation and Steam volition person a bequest pack, which includes 3 costumes and immoderate different bonuses. Newcomers who pre-register tin assertion immoderate rewards arsenic well. 

It's not a immense daze that Fall Guys is coming to the Epic Games Store — Epic bought Mediatonic genitor Tonic Games Group past year. Users person needed an Epic relationship to play Fall Guys since November, when cross-progression was added.


Soon you'll beryllium capable to play Fall Guys for escaped connected ALL PLATFORMS!

See you connected PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and EGS connected June 21!!!! pic.twitter.com/gLLzdMDD7Q

— Fall Guys - BIG Announcement TODAY!!!! (@FallGuysGame) May 16, 2022

A caller play volition besides get underway connected June 21st. Mediatonic is resetting the antagonistic and calling it play one. It volition beryllium the first seasonal update since November and, arsenic ever, determination volition beryllium caller levels and much cosmetics.

For the archetypal time, determination volition beryllium a premium (i.e. paid) play walk with 100 tiers and other cosmetic items. Those who person the bequest walk volition get escaped entree to the premium play walk for play one. A escaped play walk volition inactive beryllium disposable with different items to unlock. 

Crowns volition nary longer beryllium utilized for currency to bargain items successful the store. The crown fertile diagnostic volition beryllium boosted with much rewards. Unspent crowns volition beryllium converted into kudos, which volition beryllium the sole in-game currency moving forward.

The crippled debuted connected PS4 and Steam successful August 2020 and was an instant hit, racking up millions of players connected PC successful conscionable a fewer days and becoming the most-claimed game successful the past of PlayStation Plus astatine the time. It seems subordinate numbers person dropped rather a ways since the aboriginal days — having increasingly lengthy seasons apt hasn't helped. However, the accomplishment of Fall Guys on much platforms, the free-to-play displacement and a caller play should each bring caller and lapsed players into the fold.

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