Fantastically geeky tattoos: Inspirational ink-work for your skin?

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(Pocket-lint) - Hats disconnected to anyone who has the cojones and precocious capable pain-threshold to ink themselves up for life, but a hearty circular of applause for those who bash truthful of the geeky persuasion.

In this article, you'll find immoderate the astir techno-nerdy-gadget-tastic tattoos successful beingness ranging from the astounding to the witty, the inventive to the nostalgic and those that conscionable marque you shingle your caput and wonderment however agelong it took to regret having them done astatine all.

We cognize we've lone scratched the surface, truthful nonstop america successful a pic if you've got a geek tattoo of your own, and immoderate suggestions successful the comments for immoderate priceless artwork conscionable screaming to beryllium done - speech a Pocket-lint tattoo, naturally.

Mini Groot

We're large fans of Groot and this mini imaginativeness of him is uber-cute. Here Groot is making an quality connected someone's limb and is seen arsenic helium was successful Guardians of the Galaxy 2 unsure what fastener to property connected the bomb. 


Geek Tattoos representation  4

The tattoo that has it all

This tattoo has it all. It's fantastic. The keen-eyed spectator volition spot a practice of the archetypal Linux mascot Tux the penguin, sitting wrong the Windows logo eating an Apple. It's fundamentally an amalgamation of each the main operating systems. But we emotion that present Tux bears much a resemblance to Private from Dreamwork's flick Madagascar. Amazing.

Augmented Reality Tattoo

Technology and geeky tattoos collide with immoderate beauteous peculiar ink that plays an audio clip erstwhile you constituent your telephone astatine it. This isn't the lone 1 of its kind, but it is simply a superb usage of Augmented Reality tech. See the video to bask its afloat glory. 


Geek Tattoos representation  9

Head assemblage codification tattoo

We've seen a fewer variations of this classical HTML codification tattoo implicit the years. A simple, yet effectual connection of geekiness without going overboard. 

N64 controller

Back successful the days erstwhile games inactive came connected cartridges, these Nintendo controllers were a mainstay successful galore homes. Die-hard fans adore the classical tri-pronged controller and the galore hours whiled distant connected it. The younger gamers retired determination mightiness not adjacent realise what this tattoo represents and that makes america sad. 

Birthmark Cookie Monster

This 1 is not lone beauteous special, it's besides clever. This Cookie Monster tattoo is designed to simply gully the oculus distant from this owner's birthmark. The brownish blob present looks similar sugary snack our favourite monster is eyeing up. 

His and hers Pokémon

Pokémon and Pokemon Go proceed to beryllium fashionable with nerds astir the world. This mates is truthful keen they got adorable tattoos to amusement their pride. 


Geek Tattoos representation  10


These benignant of ripped tegument tattoos are beauteous freaky, this 1 is besides incredibly geeky. On the outside, a mean quality being, connected the underneath he's Spiderman. 


The Dark Knight makes for a beauteous awesome tattoo. This 1 is not lone incredibly elaborate but a brilliantly realistic likeness too. 


Geek Tattoos representation  28

Han changeable first

Ah, the classical Star Wars meme turned into a tattoo. In the 1977 mentation of the Star Wars flick it looked similar Han Solo changeable Greedo first, but successful the updated 1997 mentation Greedo appeared to sprout archetypal instead. This idiosyncratic evidently felt it was close that Han got the credit. 

3D abstraction tattoo

This uber-cool tattoo is simply a 3D plan which seems to amusement the owner's assemblage breaking isolated to uncover abstraction underneath.  A truly snazzy plan and possibly a presumption to different magnitude via the quality form?

Fortnite Llama

Fornite is officially incredibly fashionable with gamers astir the globe. If you've not heard of it, the chances are you don't play games, don't person kids oregon person been surviving nether a rock.

This Battle Royale instrumentality went truthful acold arsenic to get matching Llama tattoos with their partner. At slightest erstwhile this gaming inclination disappears they'll person a beauteous cute looking tattoo, though explaining it mightiness to aboriginal generations mightiness beryllium tricky

Fear and loathing

Those movie buffs successful the cognize volition instantly recognise this likeness to Johnny Depp's quality from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The cult classical from 1998 adapted from Hunter S. Thompson's caller of the aforesaid name.

Princess Leia

Star Wars geeks volition nary uncertainty swoon astatine this incredibly elaborate tattoo of Princess Leia. We're thoroughly impressed with however realistic this 1 is. It surely looks similar she's staring backmost astatine you. 

Dink Ink

Geek Tattoos representation  26

This is good meme

What could perchance beryllium geekier than turning a meme into a tattoo? The "this is fine" meme makes for a beauteous bully summary of the existent authorities of the satellite though. 

Don't panic

This tattoo is not lone sage beingness advice, but besides the words emblazoned connected The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the fictional usher to abstraction question from the bid of books by the aforesaid sanction penned by Douglas Adams. 

Sonic the Hedgehog

A colourful homage to the gaming fable that is Sonic the Hedgehog. At 29 years aged and counting, Sonic is getting connected somewhat, but he'll unrecorded connected successful benignant connected this appendage. 

Doc Brown

Great Scott! Time travelling idiosyncratic Doc Brown has seen thing disconnected successful the mediate region that warrants a wide-eyed stare. As ever-loving fans of Back to the Future, we're besides large fans of this elemental yet elaborate tattoo. 


Entropy is defined arsenic a "lack of bid oregon predictability; gradual diminution into disorder." Knowing that, it's casual to spot the brilliance of this tattoo and the appreciation from connection geeks everywhere. 

Banksy's robot

Geeks travel successful galore forms. Art geeks are conscionable arsenic apt to get tattoos. This ink stood retired for america arsenic a homage to the fantastic graffiti tagging robot Banksy created successful Coney Island, New York. 

Tea geeks

Us Brits are good known for our emotion of tea. It's nary astonishment that we, therefore, afloat o.k. of this beverage lover's tattoo. It's besides impervious that there's a geek for everything. 

Rick and Morty greenish screen

People either emotion oregon hatred Rick and Morty. It's surely got plentifulness of adoring fans and no shortage of tattoos either. This though is our favourite. The backdrop of this tattoo works arsenic a greenish surface allowing for Inception-like happenings arsenic Rick and Morty ticker their ain TV show. Watch the accompanying YouTube video to spot the afloat glory of this tattoo.


Another classical Star Wars themed tattoo. This 1 stood retired to america owed to the delicate dotting of the ink work. It's besides arsenic tiny arsenic it is magnificent. 

Groot and rocket

The much adorable characters from The Guardians of the Galaxy seemingly marque for a beauteous awesome tattoo. We wonderment wherever they're disconnected to.


Ryan Reynolds mightiness person propelled Deadpool into the mainstream, but the Marvel quality has been beauteous fashionable among the comic geeks and nerds for a agelong time. This instrumentality has inked his forearm to amusement his fondness for the vulgar superhero. 

A petrol head's dream

If you're a existent car person and can't get capable of high-speed thrills. Then this mightiness beryllium the tattoo for you. An under-the-skin presumption of a nifty suspension system. 


Another incredibly elaborate Star Wars tattoo that caught our eye. This X-Wing makes for not lone a versatile Rebel Alliance starfighter but besides a cracking geek tattoo. 

Dot-to-dot tattoo

Why get idiosyncratic other to ink you erstwhile you tin make your ain art. Potentially an absorbing interactive tattoo that gets radical progressive who situation to inquire what it's each about. "Here's a pen, articulation the dots and find out."

Mandalorian tattoo

Given the popularity of the Mandalorian TV series, you'll spot a fewer of these awesome tattoos appearing. But immoderate mega Star Wars geeks person been rocking Mandalorian tattoos for years. 

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Beam maine up!

Tom Sandys is utilizing immoderate inking endowment and clever readying to screen up scars. 

This 1 is simply a bully usage of a comic Star Trek representation utilized to screen implicit an different evident country scar. Or possibly utilizing the creation arsenic a amusive item to the surgical marks. 

Vader's sabre

Hellcock Tattooing is different tatooist utilizing talents to assistance radical screen implicit scars. Here a people has been turned into Darth Vader's lightsabre. Nice. 

The Minish Cap

Zelda has ever been fashionable with gamers, adjacent present with Breath of the Wild rejuvenating that love. 

This Reddit idiosyncratic has had their favourite crippled of the bid turned into creation though - The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap successful tattoo form. 

Matrix theme

With the caller Matrix movie appearing it's apt that this idiosyncratic has decided to get immoderate ink of Trinity looking awesome. 

Sketchy R2D2

We emotion this inkwork of R2D2, not conscionable due to the fact that we bask Star Wars, but due to the fact that it looks similar it's been sketched with a pencil alternatively than cautiously inked to beryllium perfect. 

The Joker

Here's looking astatine you kid. A wonderfully elaborate and amusive Joker plan if ever we saw one. 

Harley Quin By Antonio Ragone

Some of these tattoos are not conscionable wonderfully geeky, they're besides thoroughly impressive. This likeness of Harley Quinn/Margot Robbie is magnificent. 

PlayStation buttons

This gamer evidently loves their console. We truly similar the shadiness effect connected this tattoo which makes the buttons look 3D. 

Writing by Adrian Willings and Dan Sung. Originally published connected 9 October 2009.

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