FCC clears SpaceX to put its Starlink satellite WiFi in vehicles

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SpaceX's outer net work is officially going mobile aft the Federal Communications Commission connected Thursday authorized the company to supply its Starlink WiFi work to vehicles. SpaceX already offers Starlink location internet, which left beta past October.

"We hold with SpaceX... that the nationalist involvement would payment by granting with conditions their applications," The FCC wrote in its authorization letter. "Authorizing a caller people of terminals for SpaceX’s outer strategy volition grow the scope of broadband capabilities to conscionable the increasing idiosyncratic demands that present necessitate connectivity portion connected the move, whether driving an RV crossed the country, moving a freighter from Europe to a U.S. port, oregon portion connected a home oregon planetary flight."

Starlink had already begun expanding its terrestrial footprint, adjacent earlier the FCC decision, installing receiver dishes astatine Tesla Supercharger stations, raising prices and unveiling a $500/month Premium work tier. SpaceX has besides precocious announced partnerships with Delta and Hawaiian Airlines to perchance connection the work aboard their aircraft. 

SpaceX, and CEO Elon Musk, person besides played the leader successful caller months by offering an "internet bridge" to volcano-devastated Tonga and providing Starlink terminals to the Ukraine government — a generous connection that was, similar astir of Musk's ventures, footed by the American taxpayer. The net work — much specifically, the monolithic constellation of microsatellites successful Low Earth Orbit that alteration it — has besides drawn condemnation from astronomers worldwide who reason that the highly-reflective satellites, of which determination presently much than 2,200 successful orbit and which Musk wants 40,000 much of, are grossly interfering with the cognition of ground-based telescopes.

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