Fittler's answer to huge NSW selection drama

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The State of Origin enactment guessing crippled is successful overdrive aft New South Wales manager Brad Fittler remained tight-lipped pursuing the gutting wounded to Tom Trbojevic.

The Manly limb won't beryllium disposable for this year's Origin bid owed to a enarthrosis dislocation suffered during the Sea Eagles' decision to the Eels connected Friday night.

Fittler is acceptable to unveil a caller centre pairing for crippled 1 aft the Trbojevic stroke and the nonaccomplishment of Latrell Mitchell to a hamstring wounded successful circular 5 of the NRL season.

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Brad Fittler is weighing up who to manus Blues jumpers pursuing the Tom Trbojevic and Latrell Mitchell wounded blows. (Brett Costello/NRL Imagery)

Penrith's Stephen Crichton and Brisbane's Kotoni Staggs are yet to debut connected the Origin stage, but the Panther and Bronco are among the contenders for the Blues' centre positions.

"Well, there's a week to go, they're some successful bully signifier and the happening is it's a precise important position," Fittler said connected Nine.

"If you deliberation of immoderate of the Queensland centres: Dane Gagai, Val Holmes. Between them they've played 29 Origins... there's a bully accidental whoever we bash prime determination mightiness beryllium connected debut, arsenic well.

"So, it's a large occupation up of them whoever plays centre."

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Broncos centre Kotoni Staggs is gunning for his New South Wales Blues debut. (Grant Trouville/NRL Imagery)

Cronulla's Siosifa Talakai, St George Illawarra's Zac Lomax and Canterbury's Matt Burton are besides successful contention to enactment up successful the centres connected debut.

Trbojevic played a important roving relation successful the 2021 Origin series, covering tremendous territory arsenic helium scored tries and pierced holes successful Queensland's defence. He bagged 4 tries, including a hat-trick successful the opener.

"We had this definite benignant going erstwhile helium was playing wherever helium conscionable popped up everyplace and was truly effectual for us," Fittler said.

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"I don't deliberation there's anyone other that tin play that (role), truthful our crippled volition change, which I'm looking forward. From a coaching constituent of view, we're going to person to play a spot different, which volition truly trial the coaching staff."

Fittler volition uncover his squad for crippled 1 connected Sunday night.

The Blues and Maroons volition clash astatine Sydney Olympic Park successful the archetypal crippled of the bid adjacent Wednesday night.

NSW won the 2021 bid 2-1.

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