Floyd Mayweather sums up everything that is wrong with crypto

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  • Mayweather has connections to aggregate rug pulls and scams
  • The superstar boxer has purged his societal media of notation to his promotions, but the Internet is forever
  • He is an illustration of the accidental that exists successful crypto for those without a conscience

I emotion crypto.

I judge Bitcoin tin marque the satellite a amended spot – a digital, decentralised signifier of wealth with a hard proviso cap, the likes of which the satellite has ne'er seen before.

I particularly deliberation innovation wrong stablecoins and decentralised concern tin make a fairer, much antiauthoritarian and accessible fiscal system, compared to the existent strategy which is excessively often stacked successful favour of those astatine the top, widening the chasm of inequality that is plaguing truthful galore countries close now.

But fto america not kid ourselves present – determination are acheronian sides to this fantastic manufacture too. And the aforementioned potential, possibilities and dreams of making a existent quality are acold from world yet.


Whether you’re pro oregon anti-regulation, the information is that this is simply a $1.2 trillion manufacture that has been allowed to tally free. It’s an overused look successful crypto, but the “wild west” remains the cleanable mode to picture it. Sure, this has monolithic positives arsenic innovation tin ramp up, creators person escaped rein and barriers stay minimal.

But arsenic important arsenic those advantages of minimal regularisation are to mention, I don’t privation to sermon them here. I privation to speech astir the antagonistic externalities of this environment; I privation to walk immoderate clip looking astatine the villains that tin run successful the space, with salivating upside astatine the disbursal of guiltless members of the public.

Let’s bash a lawsuit survey connected an idiosyncratic who has exploited the strategy and the gullible capitalist to their benefit, possibly much than immoderate other: Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is simply a boxer known for his breathtaking warring style, humble cognition and respect for women. OK, that was a joke.

Let’s speech wealth due to the fact that that is what this nonfiction is about, really. Mayweather was ranked sixth connected the Sportico’s all-time jock net database past year, with an inflation-adjusted $1.2 cardinal banked passim his career. But person you seen the terms of state recently? Apparently, adjacent $1.2 cardinal makes it hard to marque ends conscionable successful modern-day America, arsenic Floyd “Money” Mayweather has turned to cryptocurrency scams to supplement his income.

Mayweather’s Metaverse Project

His Twitter bio tin beryllium seen below, promoting immoderate benignant of metaverse related task titled “mayweverse”, which if you inquire me, couldn’t rotation disconnected the lingua immoderate worse.

The comic happening is that erstwhile this task was announced, helium wholly abandoned the Floyd NFT task which helium antecedently had incessantly promoted. He besides deleted each tweets and nationalist societal media posts relating to the post.

Luckily, things unrecorded everlastingly connected the Internet, truthful you tin spot an illustration beneath of Mayweather, typically humble arsenic helium chats to the camera from the swimming excavation of 1 of his mansions.

Floyd Mayweather – Floyds World NFT pic.twitter.com/tdI6tKSME5

— CT Caught In 4k 🎥 (@bestvideosofct) April 10, 2022

Even worse, helium didn’t adjacent pass the squad (or investors) down FloydNFT that helium was launching different task nor abandoning the erstwhile one. Classy move, Floyd.


Oh, and what happened to the Mayweverse? Yeah, it was a rug, with holders losing everything. The squad down it was anonymous and truthful were capable to retreat without connsequences. As for Floyd, determination look to beryllium nary repercutions, which is unfortunate but besides not astonishing successful the slightest. On the agleam side, God bless the Twitter relationship @bestvideosofct, due to the fact that they person the beneath gem from 1 of Mayweather’s galore promotions.

“And of course, I’m the Money man, but conjecture what? Be a portion of history, ain a portion of my legacy, and you tin marque wealth too” – Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather – Mayweverse Pt 1 pic.twitter.com/gUzsxeazNV

— CT Caught In 4k 🎥 (@bestvideosofct) May 5, 2022

Ethereum Max

Ethereum Max is simply a token which sponsored Mayweather’s “fight” with YouTube property Logan Paul. Heavily promoted by Mayweather, helium showed up to the weigh-in with an Ethereum Max t-shirt, portion the authoritative combat paper advertised the token, and tickets could beryllium bought with the currency.

Just for fun, I charted the terms enactment of the token beneath since the fight.

<div class=”flourish-embed flourish-chart” data-src=”visualisation/10265542″><script src=”https://public.flourish.studio/resources/embed.js”></script></div>

Bored Bunny and Moonshot were likewise promoted rugs, but successful truth, I can’t beryllium bothered going into the item down them. There is besides a big of older projects from the erstwhile crypto cycle, astir notably ICOs which went to zero, that Mayweather has promoted.

In astir each cases, his Twitter relationship has been purged of the promotions.

Take Care, People

I don’t deliberation I request to clarify that Mayweather is not a bully cookie. He has been to jailhouse aggregate times for beating his girlfriends, with a laundry database of cases from battery, battle and harassment levelled against him. Given his presumption arsenic an incredibly talented fighter, the repeated carnal maltreatment is adjacent much disgusting and cowardly.

But it is these kinds of morally bankrupt radical that tin excel successful the cryptocurrency space, fixed the deficiency of regularisation and casual quality of anyone to fork a coin oregon mint an NFT postulation and merchantability it to the masses.

It’s a keen reminder that portion owed diligence is captious erstwhile investing successful immoderate plus class, it’s adjacent much important successful crypto wherever anyone tin scam anyone, arsenic agelong arsenic they person a WiFi transportation and deficiency a due conscience.

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