Generation Covid: What the pandemic means for young people’s futures

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By Bobby Duffy

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Roberto Cigna

TOO often treatment of generations descends into stereotypes and manufactured conflicts – avocado-obsessed, narcissistic millennials against selfish, wasteful babe boomers. Instead of serious analysis, we get apocryphal predictions astir millennials “killing” everything from wine corks to the napkin industry.

Such sermon wouldn’t beryllium truthful worrisome if it didn’t sully genuine probe into generational differences, a almighty instrumentality to recognize and expect societal shifts. They tin supply unsocial and often astonishing insights into however societies and individuals make and change.

That is due to the fact that generational changes are similar tides: powerful, slow-moving and comparatively predictable. Once a procreation is acceptable connected a course, it tends to continue, which helps america spot apt futures. That is existent adjacent done terrible shocks similar warfare oregon pandemic, which thin to accentuate and accelerate trends. Existing vulnerabilities are ruthlessly exposed, and we are pushed further and faster down paths we were already on.

We thin to settee into our worth systems and behaviours during precocious puerility and aboriginal adulthood, truthful generation-shaping events person a stronger interaction connected radical who acquisition them portion coming of age. This is wherefore it is vitally important to heed the lessons we larn by looking astatine erstwhile generations truthful we tin recognize what the covid-19 pandemic volition mean for those increasing up done it, and usage those insights to assistance Generation Covid conscionable the unprecedented challenges ahead.

Some approaches that specify swathes of the colonisation purely connected erstwhile radical were calved are person to astrology than superior analysis. The benignant of generational investigation I usage successful my caller book, Generations: Does erstwhile you’re calved signifier who you are?, however, is built …

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