God Of War: Ragnarok's Director Speaks With Us About This Game's Version Of Thor

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Ragnarok is coming successful the caller God of War. Kratos and his lad Atreus may be gearing up to conflict immoderate of the remaining members successful the Norse pantheon, and we cognize 1 for definite that's going to amusement up. In a stinger tease astatine the extremity of the erstwhile game, Thor, the legendary deity of thunder, arrived astatine our protagonists’ beforehand doorway unannounced. We each cognize the headstrong and musclebound Thor from the MCU oregon different depictions, but Sony Santa Monica is taking a antithetic attack for the fashionable mythological figure. Our ain Alex Stadnik spoke with God of War: Ragnarok’s manager Eric Williams and originative manager Cory Barlog about however the Asgardian is portrayed successful the caller crippled and wherefore the squad settled connected his rounded physique.

“Well, I don’t know, we conscionable want him to be a large boy, you know. There’s Marvel’s mentation of him is 1 thing. It’s interesting. We wanted to, you know, spell a small deeper into the mythology itself,” Williams says astir Thor having a burlier assemblage type. Being godly is each astir presence, and portion this mentation of Thor doesn’t look similar a sculpted underwear model, his traits of powerfulness and strength are nary little effective.  Williams besides talks astir radical helium knows successful existent beingness with a bigger stature and however that translates into Thor: “They person a beingness immediately. And it’s not ever due to the fact that of muscles. They’re conscionable similar that is simply a partition of a quality being, you know. So this is simply a partition of a God, you know, and that’s wherefore it was precise important.”

“I deliberation there’s thing truthful fantastic successful that that not everything needs to beryllium this glistening musculus hulk benignant of conception to inactive beryllium fantastic and almighty and intimidating,” Cory Barlog chimed in. However, according to Williams, this instrumentality connected Thor volition beryllium a spot immature due to the fact that helium wields each that power. "I wanted him to astir consciousness similar a antheral child, you know, like if you had that overmuch powerfulness and you tin bash those things, you're not going to grow. You don't request to. You conscionable bash what you want," Williams describes arsenic being the halfway imaginativeness of this Thor. In our afloat interview, Williams talks astir what Thor is similar arsenic a quality successful this satellite and his narration with his sons successful the erstwhile God of War. 

It's refreshing to spot a quality that typically looks similar a Chris Hemsworth benignant not being the Hollywood ideal body shape. Big bodies are existent and everywhere. They should beryllium celebrated arsenic good arsenic included successful each forms of media. We can't hold to spot much of this "big boy" Thor successful enactment and however he's woven into the communicative of God of War: Ragnarok, adjacent if we person to unsmooth him up on the way.

Our afloat interrogation with Eric Williams and Sony Santa Monica Creative Director Cory Barlog volition beryllium disposable successful the coming days. Be definite to cheque it retired erstwhile it drops connected this precise website adjacent week, but successful the meantime, instrumentality a look astatine however Eric Williams is bringing a caller position to this arc successful the franchise here!

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