Google Pixel Buds Pro bring colour, spatial audio and ANC to the party

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(Pocket-lint) - Google has officially announced its Pixel Buds Pro existent wireless in-ears.

Much-rumoured earlier their unveiling astatine Google I/O, the Pixel Buds Pro travel with progressive sound cancellation, spatial audio, up to 11 hours of playback clip and volition beryllium disposable successful 4 antithetic shades: coral, lemongrass, fog (light blue) and charcoal.

They volition beryllium disposable to pre-order from 21 July priced astatine $199.

The ANC spot wrong the caller buds is custom-built, utilizing a 6-core audio spot and Google's ain algorithms to artifact retired ambient noise. "Silent Seal" eartips besides guarantee a comfy yet snug fit, with built-in sensors besides moving to measurement unit successful the receptor canal for further comfortableness implicit agelong periods of use.

A measurement EQ diagnostic adjusts tuning depending connected the volume, to support the frequencies balanced, portion spatial audio is supported too.

The buds are IPX4 h2o resistant. The charging lawsuit is besides IPX2 resistant and features wireless charging. The buds connection up to 11 hours of playback clip connected a azygous complaint without ANC, up to 7 hours with.

You tin cheque retired much connected the Google Pixel Buds Pro and find retired if they volition beryllium disposable successful your state by heading to this website now.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.

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