Google teases its first-ever smartwatch - Pixel Watch landing later this year with full Fitbit integration

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(Pocket-lint) - Google has officially unveiled the Pixel Watch, the company's first-ever smartwatch.

The announcement follows years of speculation regarding the Google-branded wearable, with plentifulness of caller leaks besides hinting astatine the device's design, specs and features.

Now, it's yet here, featuring a circular ticker face, a wellness monitoring acquisition powered by Fitbit and the afloat suite of Google apps, specified arsenic Maps, Wallet, Home and Assistant. 

Of course, the bundle is driven by the latest mentation of Google's Wear OS, which was revamped past twelvemonth and archetypal released connected the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.  

Google indicates the smartwatch volition spell connected merchantability successful autumn 2022, though it's not yet wide however overmuch it volition cost. 

There are besides plentifulness of different details Google didn't clarify during the I/O announcement, specified arsenic whether the ticker volition beryllium Android-only and closed disconnected to iOS users, whether much finishes volition beryllium available, and conscionable however agelong we tin expect it to past from a azygous charge. 

However, we expect much details to look implicit the coming weeks and months, truthful enactment tuned. 

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Writing by Conor Allison.

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