Google teases its next generation of AR glasses

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Nearly a decennary aft Google Glass made a debut astatine I/O 2012, Google is moving connected a caller acceptable of augmented world glasses. The institution teased the instrumentality astatine I/O 2022, sharing a abbreviated clip that showed disconnected immoderate of its capabilities. We saw an "early prototype" of the wearable transcribe a speech successful real-time, efficaciously providing captions for the wearer. Google besides showed demoed the prototype translating a speech from English into Spanish, allowing a non-English talker to transportation retired a speech with the Google worker speaking to them. 

Google didn't accidental erstwhile it plans to merchandise the wearable it showed disconnected today. We'll besides enactment the teaser video the institution played during its presumption included substance astatine the bottommost of the framework that said what it was showcasing was a "simulated constituent of view," suggesting the last interface whitethorn look dramatically antithetic from the 1 Google showed disconnected today. 

Google's cautious attack to sharing excessively galore details earlier the instrumentality is acceptable is understandable. While Google Glass is inactive disposable to enterprise customers, it's just to accidental the wearable ne'er rather took disconnected the mode the institution envisioned. In summation to privateness concerns, the "Glasshole" statement made it hard for Google to merchantability consumers connected wearable AR.  

Follow each of the quality from Google I/O 2022 right here!

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