'Gotham Knights' isn't coming to PS4 or Xbox One after all

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You tin hide astir playing Gotham Knights connected previous-gen consoles. Alongside a 13-minute gameplay demo (below), WB Games Montreal has revealed that its Batman-adjacent unfastened satellite crippled volition nary longer beryllium released for PS4 oregon Xbox One. You'll request a PS5 oregon Xbox Series X/S to prevention Gotham City from your surviving room. The workplace said it was cutting the older machines to connection the "best imaginable gaming experience," though we wouldn't beryllium amazed if this helped WB marque the game's October 25th merchandise date.

WB unveiled Gotham Knights successful summertime 2020, but delayed the crippled to 2022 little than a twelvemonth later. The institution settled connected the October motorboat this March.

The gameplay demo, meanwhile, offers a bully look astatine the assortment you tin expect. Each of the 4 superheroes plays precise differently. You mightiness prime Nightwing for acrobatic, melee-focused combat, portion Red Hood thrives connected his (non-lethal) guns. Crime-solving whitethorn trust connected thing from straight-up brawling to motorcycle chases and augmented world sleuthing. Crafting and accomplishment advancement volition beryllium utile similar they are successful truthful galore caller titles. In galore ways, this is the DC Comics/WB effect to Insomniac's Spider-Man games — it's a bid to harvester free-roaming enactment with a meaningful narrative.

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