Grey's Anatomy season 18 release date, cast, how to watch and how to catch up

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(Pocket-lint) - Medical play Grey's Anatomy has been keeping america entertained for 17 years. From the infinitesimal Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd (McDreamy) deed our screens backmost successful the day, it's been a emotion-packed amusement with aggregate twists and turns to support america each watching twelvemonth aft year.

Here is everything you request to cognize astir Grey's Anatomy play 18, including erstwhile it is owed to beryllium released, however to ticker it erstwhile it is released and which formed members are expected. You'll besides find each the play 17 details beneath and wherever to binge ticker the erstwhile seasons of Grey's Anatomy (all 17 of them).

Grey's Anatomy play 18 merchandise date

Grey's Anatomy play 18 volition beryllium released successful the US connected 30 September 2021. At the moment, determination isn't a confirmed merchandise day for the UK. 

Grey's Anatomy play 17 premiered successful the US connected 12 November, 2020 but it didn't aerial successful the UK until 7 April, 2021 truthful it mightiness beryllium 2022 earlier the UK sees the caller play of the aesculapian drama.

How and wherever to ticker Grey's Anatomy play 18

For those successful the US, Grey's Anatomy play 18 volition beryllium shown connected ABC erstwhile it airs astatine the extremity of September. You volition beryllium capable to watercourse it connected Hulu and we'd expect you'll beryllium capable to watercourse it done the ABC website too.

For those successful the UK, it is apt play 18 of Grey's Anatomy volition beryllium disposable to ticker connected Sky Witness erstwhile it becomes available, arsenic caller seasons person been, including play 17, though thing is confirmed arsenic yet.

How galore episodes volition determination beryllium of Grey's Anatomy play 18?

ABC hasn't confirmed however galore episodes of Grey's Anatomy play 18 determination volition be, though we'd anticipation it volition instrumentality to implicit 20. 

There were conscionable 17 episodes successful play 17 of Grey's Anatomy, which was 1 of the shortest seasons successful the show's past with lone the archetypal play having less, and the 4th play having the aforesaid fig of episodes. 

Season 1 had 9 episodes and play 4 had 17, different the different seasons each person implicit 20 episodes, meaning determination are present implicit 360 episodes successful play 1 to seventeen. Binge-watching heaven.

What is expected to hap successful Grey's Anatomy play 18?

Grey's Anatomy play 17 had a absorption connected the Covid-19 pandemic with everyone astatine Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital having to header with the crisis, on with the continuing play of their mundane lives, picking up wherever play 16 near off.

It is not yet wide what play 18 volition absorption connected but we expect to spot immoderate teasers connected the Grey's Anatomy societal media accounts implicit the adjacent mates of weeks.

We cognize Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) is coming backmost for play 18 aft she confirmed it connected her Instagram (see above) and we cognize determination volition beryllium a mates of characters missing aft their departure successful play 17. No much Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) oregon Tom Koracick (Greg Germann) aft some near for the Catherine Fox Foundation successful Boston, and nary DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) either, of course.

Don't interest though, tons of the favourites are inactive expected, including Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone), Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington), Link Lincoln (Chris Carmack), Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd), Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) and Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr), among others. 

Meredith's mother, Dr. Ellis Grey (Kate Burton), volition besides marque immoderate signifier of comeback, though it is not wide however arsenic yet. Should beryllium absorbing fixed she was killed disconnected successful play three.

How and wherever to ticker Grey's Anatomy play 17

Grey's Anatomy is disposable to ticker connected Sky Witness successful the UK. It started with a treble header, with episodes 1 and two, but it continued arsenic a week-by-week affair, similar Line of Duty, with a caller occurrence dropping each Wednesday from 7 April, alternatively than the full play being made disposable connected Sky On Demand astatine once. The play has present concluded truthful each the episodes are disposable to ticker done On Demand. 

In the US, Grey's Anatomy play 17 is disposable connected ABC. Each occurrence tin beryllium streamed connected the ABC website, arsenic good arsenic Hulu.

Where to drawback up connected erstwhile seasons of Grey's Anatomy?

Grey's Anatomy play 1 to 16 are each disposable connected Amazon Prime Video successful the UK and on Disney+ Star. You tin ticker play 17 connected drawback up done Sky - arsenic mentioned - but you'll request a Sky subscription. It's besides disposable to bargain done Amazon.

In the US, play 1 to 16 are each disposable connected Netflix US. You tin past ticker play 17 connected the ABC website, oregon done Hulu if you missed it week-by-week.

Will determination beryllium a play 19 of Grey's Anatomy and erstwhile volition it travel out?

A play 19 hasn't been confirmed by ABC arsenic yet. There person besides been talks of a rotation disconnected amusement aft Deadline reported that ABC's Signature President Jonnie Davis said it had been discussed.

The tract past followed up the communicative with a clarification from Davis saying: "I would similar to clarify immoderate statements I made successful a anterior interview. There are nary conversations astir a spinoff of Grey's Anatomy astatine this time. We are 100 percent focused connected producing play 18, with the unthinkable Krista Vernoff astatine the helm, and the astonishing Ellen Pompeo starring our ensemble and co-executive producing. As the person of ABC Signature, I meant lone to convey my enactment and optimism for Shonda's superb creation."

It is truthful not wide what the aboriginal of Grey's Anatomy volition be, though determination is of people already a rotation disconnected successful Station 19, the 5th play of which volition aerial connected 30 September an hr earlier Grey's Anatomy play 18.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 24 March 2021.

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