Halo Infinite Campaign Released, Fixes And Known Issues Detailed In Day One Notes

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Halo Infinite’s run is yet out, arsenic are the time 1 merchandise notes. 

These notes detail install sizes, which don’t transcend 49 GB and could beryllium overmuch smaller if you already person multiplayer installed, and however to acquisition and download the run if you haven’t yet already. It besides lists retired resolved issues, too, including the following: 

  • Local Area Network (LAN) multiplayer is present available, but 1 known contented is that lucifer settings changed successful the Mode Editor inactive amusement arsenic default. However, erstwhile a lucifer begins, the implemented settings volition spell into effect. 
  • Players with AMD Radeon RX 500 Series GPUs volition nary longer acquisition crashes arsenic a effect of having Async Compute turned connected successful Video Settings.
  • Now, if Halo Infinite is launched offline, players tin link to the net connected the main Halo Infinite paper screen. 
  • Now, erstwhile launching successful windowed mode connected Steam, the model shows the close borders. 

On the “known run issues” front, 343 Industries has listed retired what it is presently alert of and moving to fix: 

  • When you acquisition the Halo Infinite Campaign in-game, determination whitethorn beryllium a hold of respective minutes for acquisition processing earlier you tin really play the game. 
  • When playing offline oregon entering Campaign via Quick Resume, MJOLNIR armory customizations collected successful Campaign are not unlocked successful the Multiplayer Customization menu. 343 Industries says the squad is moving connected a hole for this astatine the infinitesimal but determination is simply a workaround for this: erstwhile utilizing Quick Resume oregon aft losing an net connection, adjacent and relaunch the crippled earlier collecting immoderate MJOLNIR armory items. 
  • Equipment upgrades cannot beryllium purchased successful the Upgrades paper portion utilizing the Linear Navigation accessibility feature. 
  • Fast traveling portion dormant whitethorn origin an endless load screen. 343 Industries recommends closing Halo Infinite erstwhile this happens and reloading a anterior save. 
  • 343 Industries says that “very rarely, players whitethorn beryllium incapable to advancement the existent mission” and that to hole this issue, players volition request to restart the mission. 

Head to the Halo Waypoint blog post for adjacent much details astir today’s time 1 merchandise notes. While waiting for Halo Infinite’s run to download, cheque retired our thoughts connected successful Game Informer’s Halo Infinite review and past cheque retired this breakdown of everything disposable for acquisition successful the Halo infinite store this week. Watch this teaser for the upcoming Halo TV series aft that. 

Are you jumping into the Halo Infinite run today? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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