Head of U.N. Agency Resigns After Questions Arise About Loans

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The little-known enactment gave retired $61 cardinal successful loans and assistance wealth to a azygous British family, successful a ungraded that has shaken and embarrassed the U.N.

Grete Faremo, the erstwhile  enforcement  manager  of the United Nations Office for Project Services, successful  2019.
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May 8, 2022, 7:48 p.m. ET

The United Nations caput general, António Guterres, asked a apical authoritative astatine a U.N. bureau to resign connected Saturday, soon aft The New York Times published an article describing however the bureau had fixed retired $61 cardinal successful loans and assistance wealth to a azygous British family, according to a elder U.N. official.

The United Nations Office for Project Services, a little-known bureau for operational projects, ventured into territory nary different U.N. bureau had entered: teaming up with the backstage assemblage for nett successful 2015 by operating similar an concern bank. Now it whitethorn suffer arsenic overmuch arsenic $22 cardinal successful atrocious debt, according to U.N. auditors.

The ungraded has shaken and embarrassed the U.N., according to respective diplomats and unit members, astatine a clip erstwhile it is appealing for millions of dollars successful assistance from donor countries for the warfare successful Ukraine and different crises. An interior probe into the transactions was completed connected Thursday, but its findings person not been released publicly.

The United States, which sits connected the enforcement committee of the U.N. agency, said its enactment needed to code the allegations and beryllium held accountable. In a series of tweets connected Sunday, Chris Lu, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. for absorption and reform, called for a broad reappraisal of the agency’s “business model, governance structure, and personnel.”

“At a minimum, we judge that UNOPS enactment missed wide informing signals, failed to supply indispensable oversight, and took unacceptable risks with funds,” Mr. Lu tweeted, utilizing the acronym for the Office for Project Services.

An authoritative statement from Mr. Guterres connected Sunday said helium had accepted the resignation of Grete Faremo, a erstwhile curate of Norway and the enforcement manager of the agency, who personally approved the loans. Ms. Faremo had entrusted tens of millions of dollars to a British businessman, David Kendrick, aft gathering him astatine a enactment successful New York City successful 2015. Ms. Faremo’s bureau besides gave a $3 cardinal assistance to a radical tally by Mr. Kendrick’s 22-year-old daughter, Daisy, to rise consciousness astir threats to the world’s oceans.

Ms. Faremo, successful a missive sent to her unit aboriginal connected Sunday greeting and obtained by The Times, offered a antithetic relationship of her resignation. She said she had submitted her resignation connected Friday due to the fact that “without knowing the afloat story, it happened connected my watch.”

“I admit my work and person decided to measurement down,” she said.

Ms. Faremo appeared to blasted her deputy, Vitaly Vanshelboim, who was placed connected administrative permission successful December arsenic the U.N. investigated the transactions. After mentioning the probe and Mr. Vanshelboim, Ms. Faremo said that “a shocking breach of spot hurts, and it has shaken the enactment profoundly.”

But the elder U.N. official, who asked not to beryllium named due to the fact that helium was not authorized to talk connected the record, said Ms. Faremo was told to resign. Mr. Guterres, the authoritative said, decided to enactment swiftly aft the Times nonfiction ran successful an effort to reconstruct the spot of donor countries successful the organization.

The U.N. ambassador to Lebanon, Amal Mudallali, tweeted: “Unbelievable!! Who hires these UN officials? Why determination is nary oversight!!,” with a nexus to the Times article.

In fact, some Ms. Faremo and Mr. Vanshelboim were among the highest-ranking officials astatine the U.N. and were appointed by Mr. Guterres.

In his statement, Mr. Guterres said helium was grateful for Ms. Faremo’s committedness and dedication to the organization. Her resignation was effectual arsenic of Sunday. Mr. Guterres appointed an interim director, Jens Wandel, portion helium searches for a replacement, the connection said.

Mr. Wandel “has had a wide grounds of moving connected U.N. reform,” said Farhan Haq, the lawman spokesperson for the U.N. Mr. Wandel, an aged U.N. manus from Denmark, wherever the office of the bureau are located, was astir precocious the peculiar advisor to Mr. Guterres connected reforms.

It remains unclear whether Mr. Wandel volition person the mandate successful his impermanent relation to initiate meaningful reforms. A elder U.N. authoritative said immoderate betterment oregon restructuring of the bureau would beryllium astatine the discretion of its enforcement board, which consists of a radical of subordinate states that see the United States.

Mr. Lu said connected Sunday that the enforcement committee had demanded a afloat briefing with the bureau that would instrumentality spot shortly.

A spokeperson for the U.S. ngo astatine the U.N. said that a committee briefing had been scheduled for May 16 earlier Ms. Faremo resigned connected Sunday and that the committee was preparing for it pending further notice.

In a abstracted connection connected Sunday, the U.N. bureau said it did not person entree to the interior U.N. probe study and eagerly awaited its findings. It said it was “already implementing continuity plans to guarantee Ms. Faremo’s departure volition not impact regular task activities.”

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