How to clone a drive and move everything to a new one (including Windows)

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(Pocket-lint) - If you're reasoning of upgrading your Windows hard thrust and moving to a faster SSD oregon NVMe SSD past you mightiness dread the thought of installing Windows connected the caller thrust and having the hassle of having to commencement from scratch again. 

The process of upgrading tin beryllium frustrating if you already person everything the mode you similar it including settings, bundle and shortcuts.

A caller transcript of Windows is large for speed, it's not truthful large for productivity erstwhile you person to walk yonks getting everything successful bid again. 

Fret not though, arsenic determination is simply a solution. Cloning. That's right, with the close bundle you tin clone (i.e. copy) the entirety of your existent hard thrust onto different drive. This is large if you're moving an aged platter hard thrust and privation to determination to a super-fast NVME drive. It's besides truly elemental to do, truthful instrumentality with america arsenic we explicate how. 


How to clone a thrust  and determination   everything to a caller   1  (including Windows) photograph  1


Purchase and instal a caller drive

For the intent of this guide, we're assuming you person a existent hard thrust you're using. Perhaps it's the lone thrust successful your gaming instrumentality oregon workstation and you privation to adhd thing faster, upgrade and region the aged thrust oregon simply determination everything to thing larger. 

If you already person Windows installed connected a hard drive, you tin inactive adhd different thrust past usage this process to clone everything from the aged hard thrust to the caller one. You tin past format the aged thrust to usage it for thing other (files, games, immoderate you like) and it'll beryllium conscionable similar thing changed. 

The archetypal measurement is to find a caller drive. We person a usher to the best NVMe drives you tin buy, but you could besides usage thing affordable and nifty similar this RGB-tastic thrust from ADATA (the XPG Spectrix S20G).

You don't need an NVMe SSD for this process, it's conscionable a sensible upgrade. 

Once you've got the caller drive, instal it successful an disposable slot and hole for the adjacent step. 


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Download cloning bundle (Macrium Reflect)

There are assorted bits of bundle disposable to clone your drive. Some are free, immoderate are paid.

We similar Macrium Reflect for this process arsenic it's casual to usage and you tin adjacent bash this process with the escaped version. The paid options besides let you to easy backmost up your instrumentality regularly if you should request to. 

So the adjacent measurement is to download Macrium Reflect and instal it connected your Windows machine. Once that's done unfastened the bundle and marque definite you're successful the backup tab, past find the thrust you person Windows connected and privation to clone. 

You should spot a tiny fastener underneath it that says "clone this drive" click that and travel the onscreen prompts. 


Macrium Reflect photograph  2

You'll spot erstwhile you've done that you person an enactment to prime the thrust you privation to clone to, truthful prime that and commencement the cloning process. This volition past clone everything from your existent thrust to the caller one. 

The large happening astir this is it'll transcript crossed each your software, settings and everything other too. Software licences are copied crossed too, truthful you won't person to excavation retired your Windows cardinal oregon interest astir different licences. As agelong arsenic you're utilizing the caller thrust connected the aforesaid machine with nary different important hardware changes past everything should enactment smoothly. 

Once the cloning process is complete, you past person 2 copies of Windows connected 2 antithetic drives. You'll request to marque immoderate last tweaks to your BIOS successful bid to guarantee your instrumentality starts up utilizing the close thrust successful future. So restart your PC and mash the delete cardinal connected your keyboard until it opens the BIOS (before Windows has a accidental to load). 


Bios changes photograph  1

Changing footwear options successful the BIOS

Once successful the BIOS, you'll spot there's an enactment nether settings that allows you to acceptable the footwear bid of your drives. Essentially this tells your machine which thrust you privation to usage to load Windows oregon astatine slightest which 1 it should effort to load Windows from first. 

This enactment is usually located nether precocious options > settings > boot. There you'll apt find 2 settings. Hard disk thrust footwear precedence and fixed footwear bid priority. 


Bios changes photograph  3

With 2 identical copies of Windows connected antithetic drives you'll astir apt find some drives are successful the list. What you privation to bash present is to acceptable the archetypal footwear enactment (boot enactment #1) to the caller thrust and guarantee it's acceptable arsenic the archetypal thrust to footwear from. 


Bios changes photograph  2

We'd besides urge removing the different thrust from the database and disabling it from being different thrust option. 

Once that's done, click prevention changes and exit. This volition past restart your PC and effort to load Windows. 

Congratulations, you present person a shiny caller thrust with your accustomed Windows installation connected it. 

You're present escaped to either format the aged thrust and usage it for different things oregon region it wholly from your system. 

Important notes

It's worthy noting that cloning your thrust volition not prevention you from problems. If you person a microorganism connected your machine, for example, cloning the thrust volition conscionable transcript the microorganism crossed to the caller drive.

Also, a caller instal of Windows is simply a bully mode to region junk, aged files and much from your instrumentality thrust and it tin beryllium worthy doing if your PC is moving truly slowly. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.

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