How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S21, including smart select and smart capture

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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung made a large alteration erstwhile it launched the Galaxy S8, removing the carnal location button. That's the aforesaid connected the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20 and present the Galaxy S21 meaning that screenshots connected a newer Samsung telephone are antithetic to older models, similar the S7.

You person a fig of antithetic options erstwhile it comes to taking a screenshot, with immoderate Samsung additions to marque it much utile than your mean Android device. Although there's been immoderate refinement successful the S20, the principles are fundamentally the aforesaid arsenic they were connected the older devices. 


Here's however to instrumentality a screenshot connected the caller Samsung Galaxy S20 oregon S21.

Galaxy S20 oregon S21 screenshot utilizing buttons

Samsung supports the accepted Android method of taking a screenshot utilizing fastener presses:

  1. Make definite the contented you privation to seizure is connected the screen.
  2. Press measurement down and the standby fastener connected the right-hand broadside astatine the aforesaid time.
  3. The surface volition beryllium captured, flashing and redeeming successful the "screenshots" album/folder successful the gallery.

Note that this is antithetic to the Galaxy S7 and erstwhile devices that utilized a operation of the standby fastener and the location button. You besides request to marque definite that this is simply a speedy property - due to the fact that a agelong property and clasp volition motorboat the powerfulness controls.


How To Take A Screenshot On The Samsung Galaxy S10 Including Smart Select And Smart Capture representation  1

Galaxy S20 oregon S21 screenshot utilizing astute capture/screenshot toolbar

The adjacent happening to cognize astir screenshotting connected the Galaxy S20 oregon S21 is that astute seizure - present called screenshot toolbar - volition bash a full batch much for you. This is thing reasonably unsocial to Samsung and lets you instantly bash things to your screenshot, alternatively than having to spell and unfastened it up connected your assemblage app.

  1. Ensure that astute seizure is turned connected successful settings > precocious features > screenshots and surface recorder (it volition beryllium connected by default)
  2. When you screenshot (using buttons oregon thenar swipe, below), you'll get further options astatine the bottommost of the leafage successful a banner (as shown above). You tin draw, harvest oregon share, but the astir utile is scroll capture, marked by the arrows pointing down.
  3. Tap scroll seizure to see parts of the show you tin see, for illustration connected a agelong webpage - it's truly useful.

Galaxy S20 oregon S21 screenshot utilizing thenar swipe

An alternate method that Samsung offers is 1 that's been connected the past fewer devices, utilizing a gesture. This is however to get it to work.

  1. Head into settings > precocious features > motions and gestures > thenar swipe to capture. Make definite this enactment is toggled on.
  2. Swipe the broadside of your manus crossed the display. You tin swipe near oregon right, some work.
  3. The surface volition beryllium captured, flashing and redeeming successful the "screenshots" album/folder successful the gallery.

Note that if you've mastered the fastener pressing and don't privation to swipe to capture, you tin crook disconnected thenar swipe truthful it ne'er happens.

Galaxy S20 oregon S21 screenshot utilizing astute select

This 3rd method isn't a implicit screenshot, but it's a precise utile mode of capturing accusation that's connected the display, utilizing a diagnostic called astute select. If you've been a Note idiosyncratic successful the past, immoderate of this mightiness dependable familiar.

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Smart prime is an borderline panel, you tin swipe into it from the borderline screen.

  1. Head into settings > show > borderline panels. Through this paper you tin alteration firstly borderline surface itself, but besides the astute prime borderline panel.
  2. Head to the leafage you privation to seizure from.
  3. Open the borderline sheet with a swipe until you get to astute select.
  4. Choose the signifier oregon benignant of enactment you privation to marque - rectangle, circle, pin to surface oregon champion of all, make a gif.
  5. You'll instrumentality to the seizure leafage with a framework for making that selection. Resize oregon reposition the framework and property done. If creating a gif, deed record, past halt erstwhile you're done.
  6. You'll past beryllium shown what you've been captured, with the enactment to draw, share, prevention and successful the lawsuit of text, extract that text, truthful you tin paste it elsewhere.
  7. If pinning a selection, this volition past person the captured enactment hover implicit everything until you adjacent it down. It's truly utile for accusation you privation notation to, similar an code oregon notation number.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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