How to update Nvidia drivers and cleanly install them for the best results

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(Pocket-lint) - If you're the arrogant proprietor of an Nvidia graphics card, past you cognize the value of keeping the drivers updated. The institution regularly rolls retired caller drivers for its scope of GPUs to assistance amended performance. This is particularly the lawsuit erstwhile new games are released. 

We've written earlier astir however to get much FPS retired of your gaming PC and ways to get the most retired of an Nvidia RTX GPU, but sometimes you conscionable privation to support connected apical of updates. 

How to easy update Nvidia drivers

We find the easiest mode to update your graphics paper drivers is with Nvidia's GeForce Experience program. This is an highly utile app to person connected your system. It's capable to seizure and grounds footage with ease, optimise installed games truthful they tally well, overclock your GPU for much FPS and more. 


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One of the basal and astir utile features of this app is its quality to download drivers. Open up GeForce Experience and click connected the drivers tab and you tin spot and easy download the latest drivers. 

To marque your beingness easier, you tin besides acceptable the app to automatically download caller drivers whenever they're released, truthful you don't adjacent request to check. 

To bash this travel these steps:

  • Click the cog connected the right-hand broadside of the app
  • Then connected the wide tab, find the conception marked "downloads"
  • There you'll find a tick container that says "automatically download operator updates and fto maine take erstwhile to install"
  • Tick that 

Now you'll ever person the latest drivers acceptable to spell erstwhile you request them. 

Clean installations adjacent less problems

Over clip you'll beryllium installing a batch of antithetic drivers for your graphics card. If you alteration your graphics paper and upgrade to a caller 1 past this tin beryllium a problem. It tin besides beryllium an contented adjacent if you're moving the aforesaid GPU for a agelong time. Things tin get messy. 

If you're experiencing problems oregon your accustomed games conscionable aren't moving arsenic smoothly arsenic they usually would past it whitethorn beryllium that you request a cleanable install. 

A cleanable installation volition region older drivers and their remnants from your system. This volition pb to little conflicts and smoother running. Luckily there's a escaped instrumentality that does that. 


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Display Driver Uninstaller

Display Driver Uninstaller (aka DDU) is simply a escaped to download instrumentality which tin region operator folders, files and more. It's champion to usage it successful Safe Mode arsenic this tin guarantee it's capable to cleanly region everything and acceptable for instal of the latest graphics drivers. 

There are assorted antithetic ways to get into Safe Mode successful Windows. Microsoft has a useful guide that covers the assorted steps. Once there, you tin conscionable tally DDU and travel the prompts. It'll past reboot and you tin past download the latest drivers and instal them. 

Direct downloads

Another mode to get the drivers is to download them directly. Head implicit to the Nvidia website and from determination you tin take your graphics paper from the assorted dropdowns. Select your operating system, take the close operator benignant (Game Ready Driver for gamers) and download. 

Then tally done the steps, instal the drivers and bask your games!

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