How to watch the Tour de France 2022 in the UK and US

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(Pocket-lint) - The 2022 Tour de France kicks disconnected connected July 1 and volition proceed for 21 stages, concluding connected July 24.

This year, the riders volition beryllium mounting disconnected successful Denmark and ending connected the Champs-Elysees successful Paris.

They'll beryllium facing gruelling elevation climbs successful the French Alps, cobblestones successful Northern France and high-speed descents with hairpin turns.

We're definite you won't privation to miss a infinitesimal of the action, truthful here's however you tin tune in.

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How to ticker the Tour de France 2022 successful the UK

All 21 stages volition beryllium broadcast unrecorded successful the UK connected Eurosport, Discovery+, GCN+ and ITV.

Eurosport volition person extended sum of the full lawsuit and is provided with astir integer TV packages astatine nary further cost.

ITV4 volition amusement regular unrecorded sum and evening highlights. ITV4 is escaped with each integer TV packages.

If you'd similar to watercourse online, the ITV hub provides escaped access, truthful agelong arsenic you person a TV licence and are based successful the UK.

For afloat and uninterrupted watching, though, you mightiness privation to cheque retired Eurosport Player, Discovery+ oregon GCN+. These options volition acceptable you backmost £6.99 per period oregon £39.99 per year.

Eurosport Player is besides disposable arsenic an add-on to your Amazon Prime Video subscription besides for £6.99 per month.


How to ticker the Tour de France 2022 successful the US

In the US (and Canada), NBC volition beryllium broadcasting the Tour de France each day, with unrecorded footage being shown on with highlights and on-demand options.

If you privation to ticker online, you tin bash truthful via Peacock Premium which offers afloat unrecorded watercourse sum for $4.99 a month, with ad-free sum for an further $5 a month.

You tin besides use a VPN to ticker ITV Hub if you are extracurricular of the UK, whether successful the US oregon determination else. This volition alteration you to get successful connected each the enactment arsenic if you were successful the UK, but you volition request a valid TV licence, arsenic good arsenic an ITV relationship with a UK postcode truthful it's not rather arsenic elemental arsenic it archetypal seems.

Writing by Luke Baker.

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