How to Write a Press Release for Your Business

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A press release is an opportunity to get your company's story told in a way that makes it seem newsworthy. Where to publish press releases will draw attention to your business and help you grow, so it's worth the time and effort you put into writing it. The following tips will help you create a compelling release:

Create a headline that's catchy yet informative

You should also make sure that your headline is catchy and interesting. It's important to be able to write a headline that will catch the attention of your target audience, so you must make sure it's not too long or wordy. A good way to test whether or not this is possible is by asking others whether they would read an article with “the best” in its title; if they don't think so, then maybe there isn't much meat behind those words!

Another thing worth considering when writing headlines for press releases is how clear and concise they are. A well-crafted sentence can mean everything when trying to grab someone's attention—and unfortunately, some people don't always take notice of what needs explanation just because it's written down somewhere else before reading through all articles at once (which could lead them running off into another direction entirely).

Lead with the date and city that the press release is from.

The first line of a press release for new business opening should always be the date and city that the press release is from. This will help readers know where to look for more information about your business, as well as get an idea of who you are and what it is you do.

This can be tricky if there aren't any specific dates or locations mentioned in your company's name—for example, if "The Pokémon Company" was releasing a new game called "Poké-Pokéball." But don't worry! You can still use this space for something else if need be: "Pokémon Company announces new Poké-Pokéball video game," or "The Pokémon Company reveals next installment in their popular franchise!"

Now that you've written your introduction, it's time to start writing. The body of your press release should be no more than two or three paragraphs long (usually one), and should be written in active voice. Active voice means that subject is doing the action instead of being acted upon by another person or thing. For example: "The company announced its new product line." This version sounds more professional because it avoids using passive verbs like "was" and "was told." It also makes it easier for people reading your business press release to figure out what happened first—the company released its products.

Include contact information

This should be your email address and phone number, as well as the address to which you want the press release sent, if applicable. If you have a website that you want to promote with this release (for example, if it's an affiliate program), include that as well.

How much does press release cost to get your company's story told in a way that makes it seem newsworthy. It can be used as a means of announcing new products, services and launches; as well as awards and achievements. Press releases also tend to be used when there's been a merger or acquisition; this is because they provide valuable information about the new owner's goals for the business.


All in all, writing a press release is not rocket science. All you need to do is follow these five steps and write a good headline, lead, body, and contact information. Once you have done that, it's time to send your release out into the world.

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