Huawei gets certification for a 100W phone charger

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(Pocket-lint) - Huawei's nary alien to keeping up with the competition, and it looks similar it's soon going to articulation the 100W charging nine (one that lone has a fewer members astatine this stage).

It's conscionable got certification successful China for a caller 100W charger for its phones, oregon different devices, confirming that it is apt moving connected a instrumentality that tin instrumentality vantage of that earthy power.

After all, contempt precocious unveiling the P50 and P50 Pro, neither smartphone tin negociate 100W charging, which is nary criticism. Honor stands retired arsenic having crossed that rubicon, with its ain 50 Pro managing to tame the wattage.

One imaginable mentation is that Huawei is keeping backmost a 50 Pro+ exemplary of its latest phones, 1 that mightiness battalion successful fewer adjacent much bleeding borderline features, including astronomical charging. We'll person to hold to perceive much from Huawei for authoritative confirmation, oregon so thing authoritative astatine all.

Given that 65W fast-charging has been Huwaei's bounds truthful far, this is simply a logical step, though besides a reasonably sizeable one. Still, there's nary harm successful a almighty charger, provided it's astute capable not to fry lower-powered devices.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 3 August 2021.

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