Huge GoPro Hero 10 spec and image leak reveals all

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(Pocket-lint) - A elaborate leak with images and specs shows GoPro's adjacent camera successful its entirety and - if close - springiness astir arsenic afloat a representation of the Hero 10 Black arsenic we could anticipation for up of launch. 

From the outside, it appears GoPro is going to usage the aforesaid plan arsenic the Hero 9 Black, but has replaced the branding connected the assemblage with agleam bluish alternatively of white, to marque it visually distinctive. 

Apart from that it looks precise overmuch similar the Hero 9. It has the colour surface connected the beforehand for framing yourself, positive the aforesaid fastener and mic layout. It besides means we should spot GoPro proceed its attack erstwhile it comes to mounting the camera, successful that the mounting arms are built into the camera's body.

It's successful camera show we're apt going to spot the biggest change. At least, if the leaked specs published by WinFuture are to beryllium believed. 

The camera is said to beryllium powered by a caller GP2 processor which enables doubly the show of its predecessor, portion besides making debased airy video amended and improving the HyperSmooth exertion by making it disposable successful much shooting modes. 

These published specifications assertion the camera volition beryllium capable to sprout up to 5.3K solution astatine 60 frames-per-second, oregon 4K up to 120 frames-per-second. If true, that means accelerated and crisp pictures similar we've ne'er seen connected a GoPro before. 

As good arsenic improving HyperSmooth, the study claims GoPro is going to summation the incline bounds for the skyline levelling feature. 

It's claimed it volition usage the aforesaid artillery arsenic the Hero 9 Black, and is rumoured to beryllium launching connected 16 September with a terms of astir €539 successful Europe without GoPro's subscription. 

If the merchandise day is close it means we don't person overmuch clip to hold earlier we recovered retired however galore of these specs are genuine. Stay tuned. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published connected 13 September 2021.

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