iMessage apps: Which should you download and how to install them?

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple's Messages app offers aggregate methods of inputting iMessages from handwritten notes to Apple Watch's Digital Touch feature. Users are besides capable to respond to idiosyncratic messages, reply to circumstantial messages, and customise however the receiver sees the messages you send.

One of the astir breathtaking features successful Messages is the App Store integration though - introduced successful iOS 10 respective years ago. This diagnostic allows you to download third-party apps and stock accusation from them without having to permission the Messages app astatine all, whether that's scanning a papers oregon sharing your location.

Here is however to access, download and instal iMessage apps, on with the champion ones to download.


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How to download, instal and negociate iMessage apps

You'll spot a grey App Store icon to the near of the input tract erstwhile you commencement a caller iMessage oregon unfastened a connection thread. After a pat connected the grey App Store icon, a barroom volition look beneath with the bluish App Store icon. Tapping connected the bluish Apple Store icon volition instrumentality you to the App Store designed specifically for Messages.

From here, you volition find featured apps astatine the top, on with sectioned apps, specified arsenic Sticker apps, Travel apps, Games and Productivity apps, among others. There's besides a hunt icon astatine the apical of the App Store page, allowing you to hunt for immoderate app successful the App Store for Messages. 

To download an iMessage app: Find the iMessage app you privation and pat 'Get', arsenic you would successful the mean App Store. After it's downloaded, you'll spot it look successful the iMessage app drawer/bar beneath the input tract successful a caller iMessage. You tin swipe crossed the barroom to spot much iMessage apps you've downloaded.

To negociate iMessage apps: Tap connected the grey App Store icon to amusement the iMessage app drawer beneath the input field. You'll past request to swipe crossed to the acold close of the drawer until you deed the 'More' icon with 3 grey dots successful a achromatic circle. Tap connected the 'More' icon and you'll beryllium taken to the managing surface wherever you'll beryllium capable to toggle apps connected and off, arsenic good arsenic delete iMessage apps by tapping 'Edit' successful the apical close corner.


iMessage apps Which should you download archetypal  and however  to instal  them representation  2

Which iMessage apps should you download first?

There are a fig of iMessage apps available, but we person picked immoderate of our favourites for you to effort first.


GamesPigeon is large for playing a scope of games with friends consecutive from the Messages app. You tin play 8-ball, Mini Golf, Basketball, Archery, Darts and plentifulness more. Fun for days.

Google Maps 

Google Maps allows you to nonstop your determination to a person straight from Messages. A small representation volition look and the recipient volition beryllium capable to click connected it and get directions to you.


The Dropbox iMessages app lets you easy stock Dropbox files straight done the Messages app truthful you tin nonstop a folder afloat of your vacation photos to household and friends, for example.


The OpenTable iMessages app allows you to suggest restaurants, ballot connected favourites and publication a array each from the Messages app.


Who doesn't emotion Hangman? The Hangman app has implicit 90,000 words and you tin play straight with a person successful the Messages app.


The iTranslate iMessage app allows you to constitute thing successful your connection and nonstop it with the translation to the recipient's connection appearing underneath. No much mislaid successful translation.


Planning a travel away? The Airbnb iMessage app allows you to stock homes with friends and ballot for a radical favourite.


The ScanBot iMessage app enables you to scan a papers straight successful the Messages app and nonstop it. No request much coming retired of the app, opening different app and having to spell backmost successful to attach.


The CityMapper iMessage app lets you nonstop your determination to your friends, appearing arsenic a small representation that the recipient volition past beryllium capable to click connected for directions to you. Handy, precise handy.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends for iMessage allows you to invitation friends from your interaction database and play your amazing, winning-words straight from Messages.


The IMDb iMessage app allows you to hunt the database successful Messages and nonstop links to showtimes, arsenic good arsenic film, TV and personage pages.

Pennies Mini

Got a hen oregon stag to program and request to enactment wrong a definite budget? The Pennies Mini iMessage app lets you stock and collaborate connected spending budgets with friends and household straight from the Messages app.


Sports fan? The ESPN iMessage app let you to stock scores with your friends and ticker crippled highlights straight from Messages.

The Weather Channel

Going connected vacation oregon conscionable gathering up? The Weather Channel iMessage app allows you to stock mini forecasts straight from Messages truthful you tin spot what you're successful for.

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Poll for iMessage is large for radical decisions. Can't determine wherever to spell for dinner, oregon what clip to meet? This app volition travel successful precise handy.

Stickers Against Friends

Ever played Cards Against Humanity? If you person (and you similar it), you'll find Sticker Against Friends large fun. Be cautious who you prime to play it with though.

Super Mario Run Stickers

Everything is large erstwhile Mario is involved. The Super Mario Run stickers app lets you adhd a moustache and Mario chapeau to anyone. You tin conscionable nonstop Mario himself excessively though and determination are plentifulness to take from.

Star Wars Stickers

Like Mario, Star Wars makes everything much fun. The Star Wars sticker battalion lets you adhd a Stormtrooper to your greeting message. Whose time wouldn't beryllium made aft that?

Writing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 15 September 2016.

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