Incredible US athlete's blunt post-fight apology

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When you person won 2 Olympic golden medals your standards are beauteous high.

So overmuch truthful that Kayla Harrison felt obliged to apologise to the fans contempt her ascendant triumph implicit Russia's Marina Mokhnatkina successful the PFL 3 main lawsuit connected Saturday (AEST).

The American superstar - who won golden medals successful judo successful 2012 and 2016 - improved to 13-0 successful her mixed martial arts career, which launched arsenic a nonrecreational successful 2018.

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US prima Kayla Harrison celebrates triumph astatine PFL 3. (Stan)

But it was lone the 3rd clip a combat needed to spell to the judges arsenic sambo specializer Mokhnatkina made her enactment for the determination successful Arlington, Texas.

All 3 judges scored it 30-27 successful Harrison's favour yet Mokhnatkina was the 1 smiling.

"I deliberation it was utter canine crap," Harrison said successful a blunt appraisal of her efforts.

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"Sorry to the fans, I wanted to enactment connected a amended amusement for you. These girls are tougher than you think. I marque it look casual sometimes but different nights, not truthful much...

"This is simply a learning experience. I'm inactive young successful my career. The much clip I get the successful cage, the amended I'm going to get. Ready for the adjacent one."

Meanwhile, erstwhile UFC champion Anthony 'Showtime' Pettis scored his archetypal PFL triumph with a circular 1 submission of Irishman Myles Price.

US seasoned Pettis mislaid his archetypal 2 PFL fights past year, against Raush Manfio and Clay Collard, and admitted to Wide World of Sports that helium "didn't realise however hard it was going to be."

But with eyes wide open, a determined Pettis rocked Price with an aboriginal uppercut that took the combat to the level and determination was lone 1 victor from there.

"Flawless triumph for me," Pettis said. "This twelvemonth is my year."

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