Just Cause Developer Co-Founder Discusses Canceled Iron Man Game

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A caller interrogation sheds airy connected Just Cause developer Avalanche Studio’s canceled open-world Iron Man game, which was rumored to beryllium successful the works a decennary agone earlier getting axed successful 2012. 

MinnMax’s Ben Hanson interviewed Christofer Sundberg, co-founder of Avalance, who has since near the workplace to commencement a caller company, Liquid Sword. During the interview, Hansen asked Sundberg astir the destiny of the Iron Man project, which Sundberg revealed arsenic being successful improvement for a twelvemonth and a fractional to 2 years earlier being canceled owed to what helium describes arsenic “company politics.”

Sundberg reveals that Disney wanted Avalanche to rapidly grow its unit to decorativeness the crippled nether a shortened improvement timeline. However, helium refused, explaining that doing truthful would person enactment a monolithic strain connected the studio.  

“It was, I was a messiness by the end," says Sundberg. "Shortening improvement time, expanding budgets. We would person to prosecute 70-80 radical to the squad that I would person had the work to find a caller task for, but the improvement clip was shortened down truthful much. It would person breached the workplace wholly if we agreed to that.” 

He continues by saying, “At the extremity of a project, erstwhile the squad is scaling down, that’s erstwhile you find [a] caller project. With 1 twelvemonth of improvement clip chopped from the archetypal plan, I had 1 twelvemonth little to find a caller task for a large improvement squad which would person been impossible. And hiring each those developers would person been a nightmare. So it was for the best” 

As acold arsenic Sundberg remembers, the crippled was disassociated from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and not tied to Iron Man 3, which was successful accumulation astatine that time. He says the crippled would person allowed players to “just instrumentality disconnected and alert anywhere” and that it had a large absorption connected melee combat wherever players could punch characters done walls utilizing Iron Man’s repulsors. 

The clip is simply a bully spot of closure fixed that Hanson, formerly of Game Informer, antecedently asked Sundberg astir the task during an interview for our Just Cause 3 screen communicative successful 2014. At the time, Sundberg acknowledged the cancellation of an unannounced Marvel crippled but wouldn't corroborate the rumors that it was Iron Man-related. So present we know. 

Be definite to ticker MinnMax’s afloat interrogation with Christofer Sundberg here, wherever helium discusses his caller studio’s archetypal project, creating the Mad Max game, and more.

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