Legend's startling $143m rebel league admission

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Golf fable Jack Nicklaus has made the startling revelation that helium was approached to beryllium the look of the LIV Golf Invitational Series first, not Greg Norman -- and helium was offered much than $143 cardinal to bash it.

In a communicative published connected the Fire Pit Collective website, Nicklaus claimed helium doubly turned down offers to pb the rebel tour.

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"I was offered thing successful excess of $100 cardinal (AUD $143m) by the Saudis, to bash the occupation astir apt akin to the 1 that Greg is doing," Nicklaus said. "I turned it down. Once verbally, erstwhile successful writing. I said, 'Guys, I person to enactment with the PGA Tour. I helped commencement the PGA Tour.'"

Nicklaus, 82, has had a chequered past with the PGA Tour adjacent though helium was among the players who divided from the PGA of America and hired Joe Dey arsenic the tour's archetypal commissioner successful 1968.

Jack Nicklaus says helium knocked backmost the rebel Tour's advances.

Nicklaus was besides portion of a projected revolt against the PGA Tour with Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson successful 1983, erstwhile the trio tried to overthrow the then-commissioner of the Tour, Deane Beaman. Beaman was described arsenic a "power-hungry dictator" who didn't person the players' champion interests astatine heart, adjacent though players were being paid much than they had ever been paid by the Tour astatine the time.

The PGA Tour past week rejected releases for players who had requested to play successful the LIV Golf Invitational Series, which is scheduled to signifier its archetypal lawsuit astatine Centurion Club extracurricular London from June 9 to 11.

Phil Mickelson is among the players who had requested a merchandise to play successful the archetypal LIV Golf event.

He has opted not to support his PGA Championship rubric astatine Southern Hills this week and hasn't played since precocious January, pursuing his arguable comments astir the circuit and the Saudi Arabian monarchy's alleged quality rights violations.

Greg Norman heads up the LIV Golf Tour. (Getty)

"My proposal to Phil? My proposal to Phil would beryllium to beryllium patient," Nicklaus told Fire Pit Collective. "The satellite is simply a precise forgiving place. But he's the 1 -- helium has to determine wherever helium wants to play and what helium wants to do."

The deadline for requesting a merchandise for the the 2nd Saudi event, to beryllium played successful aboriginal July astatine Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club successful Portland, Oregon, is Wednesday.

The eight-event LIV bid volition diagnostic 5 tournaments played successful the United States.

It volition see 7 regular-season events and a squad title match-play finale astatine Trump Doral successful Miami from October 28 to 30.

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