Lenovo Legion 7 hands-on: New i9 chips, with bigger batteries to match

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Now that the latest components from AMD, Intel and Nvidia are available, Lenovo is updating its 16-inch flagship gaming laptop with much lights, amended show and bigger batteries. And aft getting a accidental to spell hands-on with the caller Legion 7, I truly admit that Lenovo made 2 somewhat antithetic versions to suit people's needs.

First up is the modular Legion 7, which is much of a desktop replacement-style gaming notebook designed to location the astir almighty CPUs and GPUs you tin enactment successful a laptop close now. It's disposable successful either Intel/NVIDIA (starting astatine $2,449) oregon all-AMD configurations (starting astatine $2,059), with Lenovo supporting up to a 12th-gen Intel i9 spot and RTX 3080 Ti oregon Ryzen 9 6900HX and Radeon RX 6850M XT.

The modular  Legion 7 (right) is thicker and heavier than the Legion 7 Slim (left), but it supports much  almighty  components and has a plethora of RGB lighting.While some systems person precise akin designs, the Legion 7 Slim (left) weighs astir a lb little but lacks enactment for immoderate of the modular model's top-end components and astir of its RGB lighting.

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Now those are immoderate beefy specs, but the astir important upgrade mightiness beryllium the summation of a caller 99.9 WHr battery. That's the biggest powerfulness battalion you tin enactment successful a laptop while inactive being capable to transportation it connected a plane. On apical of that, portion Lenovo's included powerfulness adapter is simply a bulky 300-watt affair, the Legion 7 besides supports USB-C powerfulness delivery. That means if you privation to question light, you tin battalion a smaller USB-PD adapter (up to 135 watts). However, it's important to retrieve that if you bash so, the laptop won't complaint arsenic accelerated oregon get afloat show erstwhile plugged into the wall.

That said, the astir eye-catching portion of the strategy is without a uncertainty each the RGB lighting scattered crossed its chassis. You get a light-up logo connected its lid, a backlit keyboard with optional per-key adjustability, a large airy barroom successful beforehand and a ton of LEDs successful its vents. Now I don't cognize if anyone keeps way of stats similar this, but the Legion 7 whitethorn person the astir RGB lighting of immoderate gaming notebook.

As its sanction  implies, the Legion 7 Slim is somewhat  thinner than the modular  model.

Sam Rutherford/Engadget

While it wasn't acceptable successful clip for my hands-on session, Lenovo says it's besides readying to merchandise its caller Spectrum app that's designed to springiness users much power implicit lighting effects, including the quality to sync things with immoderate euphony oregon videos they’re playing.

I'm not definite I emotion the system's brushed metallic edges, but I person to springiness immoderate props to Lenovo for including 3 USB-C ports connected the laptop's near and close sides. This makes it casual to plug successful things similar thumb drives, portion successful back, there's further connectivity for worldly you don't request to fiddle with arsenic often specified arsenic power, Ethernet, HDMI and more. And alongside a caller 1080p webcam (up from 720p), you besides get a dedicated physics shutter slider connected the close for accrued privacy.

On apical  of RGB lighting connected  its lid and keyboard, the Legion 7 besides  features colour  LEDs successful  its vents.

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In general, the Legion 7’s physique prime felt bully too. There wasn’t precise small flex connected its lid oregon deck, and portion touchpads are often an afterthought connected gaming laptops, this 1 is some ample and responsive. Unfortunately, determination weren’t immoderate games installed, truthful I wasn’t capable to get a consciousness of its thermals oregon instrumentality noise. But I bash similar the laptop's updated powerfulness button, which present has a built-in fingerprint reader.

That said, portion I respect a big, high-spec gaming laptop (and anyone who wants to transportation 1 around), weighing successful astatine 5.5 pounds, the Legion 7 isn't a large prime for predominant travelers. But that's wherever the Legion 7 Slim comes in. That's due to the fact that portion you inactive get a 16-inch display, enactment for a 99.9 Whr artillery and a precise akin design, Lenovo accrued the Slim's portability by reducing its max specs a touch, deleting a batch of RGB lighting and trimming down the size of its chassis. The effect is simply a thinner and lighter 4.5-pound laptop with a smaller hinge that's easier to flip successful a bag.

The Legion 7 besides  has a RGB airy  barroom  that runs crossed  the beforehand   borderline   of the system.

Sam Rutherford/Engadget

Aside from its size, the biggest quality betwixt the modular Legion 7 and the Legion 7 Slim is that the second tops retired with either an NVIDIA RTX 3070 oregon an AMD RX 6800S GPU. And dissimilar its bigger sibling, the Slim's refresh complaint peaks astatine 165Hz alternatively of 240Hz. The upside is that with the Intel/NVIDIA mentation of the Slim starting astatine $1,589 for a Core i5 spot with an RTX 3050 Ti oregon conscionable $1,519 for the AMD Advantage exemplary featuring a Ryzen 5 6600H and RX6600S GPU, Lenovo's somewhat smaller strategy is simply a batch much affordable.

So careless of what benignant of gamer you are, Lenovo is looking to springiness you a fewer much choices among 16-inch gaming notebooks. And portion I'm funny to spot however those immense batteries fare successful existent beingness (especially erstwhile paired with a power-hungry 12th-gen Intel CPU), I truly similar what I've seen truthful far.

The Intel/NVIDIA versions of the Legion 7 and Legion 7 Slim volition spell connected merchantability archetypal sometime aboriginal this month, with the AMD Advantage models arriving somewhat aboriginal successful June.

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