LIVE: Eels strike first in top four shootout

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Adam Reynolds conceded that Tyson Gamble's comments regarding the powerfulness operation astatine the Brisbane Broncos were "a spot retired of line" but said his halves spouse would ne'er intentionally effort to harm his coach's reputation.

"I rang Tyson to effort and wide immoderate of the aerial there, and helium was apologetic towards Kevin, helium admits helium got the words wrong," the halfback said connected Triple M.

"Knowing Tyson, helium wouldn't person gone retired deliberately to wounded the manager oregon thing similar that.

"He knew consecutive distant that he'd stuffed up."

Gamble appeared connected the Marshie's Corner podcast, wherever helium credited the seasoned beingness of Reynolds arsenic the "mastermind" of the team's attack.

"Kevvie truly understands footy and he's a bully bloke successful getting the squad up and astir but the modern time is truthful antithetic to the mode Kevvie played footy," helium said.

"There are immoderate similarities with however you person to beryllium with cognition and stuff, but Reyno is the mastermind astir our onslaught astatine the moment."

The comments dispersed similar wildfire astir societal media successful the past day, with Reynolds having to determination acold h2o connected the ordeal - portion Gamble besides called Walters to apologise.

"I've got a batch of respect for Kevvie, he's made my occupation and my relation astatine the nine a batch easier," Reynolds said.

"Everything that I drip done to the playing radical is done Kev truthful those comments are benignant of a spot retired of line, but going backmost and speaking to Tyson, he's profoundly apologetic towards those words and helium said helium got it wrong."

Reynolds said that Gamble, who volition articulation the Knights adjacent year, is apt to inactive play successful the last circular of the regular season.

Brisbane's play has fallen disconnected a cliff successful the past month, and interior warring is the past happening it needs going into Saturday's must-win clash.

The Broncos indispensable travel to Sydney and bushed the Dragons, and past anticipation Wests Tigers decision Canberra astatine Leichhardt Oval connected Sunday, to sneak into eighth spot.

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