Liz Cheney Can’t Win The GOP Nomination, But She Can Make Trump’s Life A Living Hell

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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) can’t triumph the 2024 Republican nomination, but she tin marque Trump’s beingness hell.

Video of Cheney connected NBC’s Today show:

Cheney said:

Well, what I’m going to bash Savannah, is walk the adjacent respective months completing my enactment successful congress, evidently completing my enactment representing the radical of Wyoming we person a tremendous magnitude of enactment near to bash connected the January 6th committee, and besides though I’m going to beryllium making definite that radical each astir this state recognize the stakes of what we’re facing recognize the grade to which we’ve present got 1 large governmental enactment my enactment which has truly go a cult of personality, and we’ve got to get this enactment backmost to a spot wherever we’re embracing the values and the principles connected which it was founded and talking astir you cognize cardinal issues of civics, cardinal issues of what does it mean to beryllium a law republican.

Liz Cheney Could Make Trump Miserable In 2024

Liz Cheney could not bushed Trump for the Republican information successful 2024, but it is casual to spot her raising a ton of wealth and staying successful the superior until the extremity to travel Trump astir and usage her nationalist level to relentlessly sermon Trump’s crimes and the menace that helium presents to democracy.

If 2024 were to play retired similar the 2016 Republican primary, the tract would beryllium huge, but it volition rapidly bladed out, and Cheney could instrumentality astir until the end, pursuing Trump astir and reminding Independents of wherefore they should ne'er ballot for Donald Trump.

Trump got Cheney knocked retired of the House, but helium acceptable himself up for a bigger occupation successful 2024 and beyond.

Liz Cheney considers 2024 statesmanlike  run  connected  Today

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